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Birth Date



5'4''-5'5'' (161-165 cm)



Eye Color


Hair Color



Managing the HR department, Teacher







Marital Status








English Speaking Skills*



Cooking, psychology

Age criteria

from 39 to 80 years old

Aim of acquaintance


* The level of English,
is evaluated by the
Lady herself


For me love means everything. People are nothing without feelings which you can not buy for money or get in forcing way. I feel myself successful woman but is one problem.....I have everything except love. I know that building relations is a very hard and long work but only for them who do not know how to do it. I have a great life experience and I know how not only to be happy but also make my soulmate happy. My motto - "moving is life" and that is why I want to move in direction of my love. To share everything together, to be part of each other, it is all we can have just only need to make right steps and I am ready for it. I am sincere and kind person and feel myself also a good one. I like children and try to give them all warmth I have. I like sport and do some. If you are ready to be teased by me till the end of our life and even more till the eternity, then we are the best for each other. I love to have some fun, like to joke. Despite this fact I know how to be serious and can take care of my loved man. Cooking is not a problem and it becomes more and more pleasant if we will do it together. As for traveling.....I would like to see a lot places. Life is going on and it is too short to waste it meaningless way. That is why I am here waiting for you. I think that Ukrainian men can not appreciate what they have. So, lets try to build something really wonderful and amazing? Would you like to creat our own Universe and be there together enjoying time? Waiting for you if you are serious in your intention.


I am interesting in too a lot of thigns to count all of them, I am sure I could miss something, but anyway, I will try. I like to plant flower, do yoga and run mornings, like to paint and watch something interesting, especially series like "Game of Thrones" or "Vikings". I am in such age when my child is already adult, so, I can allow myself to have fun with friends and time to time going to interesting places. I like to travel and was everywhere in Ukraine. Listening to music making me to feel relaxed, I like to drive car and enjoying riding bike. Like to shot and tryed fishing few times. Are a lot more things, myabe you just should ask me about them?

Her Type of Man

I do not have strict requirements for my partner, I need only honestly and sincerely because without it nothing can work. I can not forgive lie, once you lie to someone, that person will not trust you anymore even will tell that forgave you. I do not care about your wallet or about how a lot kids you have. Once we are in relations - your kids will be mine and I will never stay between father and child.

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