What is brides4love.com?
For this information see: About us
How it works?
Our site was created for people from all over the world who are looking for their other half or just a close friend. For searching and communication with the girls, you can use many of our services (messaging, live chat, video-chat etc.) which were specially created for that. Also, if you want to show your feelings to your lady you can send gifts or flowers using our special service for that. We have one of the largest databases of single women from Ukraine and CIS countries. We regularly update it to increase your chances to meet your love. Therefore, we are confident that you will definitely find your love on our site. All you need - sign up and start your search!
What does it cost to register on brides4love.com?
Registration on Brides4Love is absolutely free. Browsing ladies gallery and read incoming message also costs nothing.however, you will have to pay for sending messages, live chat, video chat for which you need to buy coins (see next question).More information about Brides4Love services pricing you can see in your account.
How can I purchase coins?
You can do it online with a credit card (we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover). Just log in to your profile, go to Purchase coins and buy the needed amount; the coins will appear instantly on your account.
Do you offer discounts?
Yes, we offers discounts. The discount will depend on the amount of coins you buy.
Can I put my contact information on my profile?
No, according to the rules of brides4love.com placing contact information in the profile is strictly forbidden. Violating this rule may cause to account termination. For more details see Terms and conditions.
How do you protect your clients from scammers?
When a lady comes to register on the site, we see her passport and check all information (name, age, date of birth, marital status and whether she has children). Further on, when a lady starts writing letters and receives responses from men, the agency (translators and operators) follow ANY requests about money. If we see such a request (exception: covering her travel expenses) - the lady's profile is removed from our site.
Is Brides4Love safe?
Brides4Love provides a safe and secure environment for finding your life partner on the internet. It is our goal to help singles find each other's match. Our service team personally checks every profile, photo and video for plausibility and seriousness. We protects your personal data and does not share them with third parties.
How do I know those women are really interested in marriage, and not just a green card?
 No one can really know what goes on in the mind of another person. However, corresponding with a lady and (preferably) meeting her in person should give you a good idea of what kind of person she is. Besides, in order to get unconditional permanent residency in the US she has to stay married to a US citizen for 2 years. Combined with the processing time, this makes about 3 years - a lot of time for you to make a good impression on her. Now, could a person be so calculating as to do this just for a green card? It is possible, but in our experience most of the women coming here have honest intentions.
Why are some women looking for a man much older than themselves?
It is not uncommon for Russian women to marry older men. It is more acceptable in their culture than in the West. Some women don’t mind a significant age difference. They usually indicate their age preference in their profiles.
Have any of your clients actually found a wife through your website?
 Brides4Love – one of the most popular and successful international dating sites. Every year many couples find love on our site. And we can guarantee that you will find your love on out site!
How can I contact a lady who does not know my language?
We provides a translation service for letters. Every woman on our site can ask for a free translation support when corresponding on the platform. This translation service is free of charge. A fee is only due for sending letters. The translation is generally provided in English. In many cases and depending on availability other languages are provided but can not be guaranteed.
Should I answer every letter?
Please always be cordial to another person who is writing you, even if you are not interested in them. You may thank them in a friendly way and let them know you have received their letter. A short thank you is a very nice gesture.
How can I end my membership?
If you decide to remove your profile from our website, you need to contact us.
Technical issues?
 Every day we make our site better. However, if you encounter a technical issue, contact us.

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