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If after a year, harmony in the relationship between a man and a woman has been preserved, we can say with confidence: This couple has stocked up on patience and love for many years. Psychologists say that 1 year anniversary is a certain feature of the crisis, a borderline when the lovers have already learned not only positive character traits of each other but also experienced negative moments in life.

The first anniversary is the first joint holiday for a couple, symbolizing love, understanding, and respect. For strong feelings, psychologists advise celebrating this personal holiday together. A unique evening and romantic gifts will leave impressions for a lifetime. What to do for the first anniversary and what to present to each other – these are the eternal questions of almost all lovers.

1 year anniversary

First Anniversary Party

On the eve of your first year anniversary in 2021, it is a good idea to create an action plan, which consists of three main points:

  • What time will the holiday take place: If it is a weekday, it is reasonable to celebrate the anniversary in the evening. If the holiday falls on Saturday or Sunday, you can devote time to each other in the morning as well.
  • Who is attending the anniversary: ​​Decide if you want to invite relatives, friends, and acquaintances. If a couple in love decides to invite a company, it is recommended to plan a big celebration.
  • Financial issues: Be aware of your available funds for buying gifts and throwing a big party with guests.

If the celebration begins in the morning, it is assumed that the lovers lead a joint lifestyle. While the girl is still sleeping, the man should go to the flower shop for a bouquet of flowers.

After breakfast, you can take a walk in the park: Memories of the first kisses and the first date will awaken nostalgic feelings. Lunch can be spent in a cafe or a restaurant that serves delicious dishes. It is recommended to capture the day with photographs. To do this, you can use the services of a professional photographer or do a photo session yourself, asking passersby to take photos of you.

An evening for lovers should be special. Therefore, it is recommended to buy candles, aromatic incense, and red roses on the eve of the celebration. Add foam and rose petals to the bath. It is recommended to take a bath together in a romantic setting. Pleasant, calm music will help set the mood.

first year anniversary

More Scenarios

If guests come to the celebration, you should prepare everything in advance. Friends, acquaintances, and close people will rush to congratulate the lovers on the anniversary of their relationship. If you are planning to have guests, it is recommended to think over the celebration the day before. It could be a joint trip to nature with a guitar and barbecue, a trip to the theater, cinema, or a historical museum, or even a short trip to another city.

You can arrange an evening on the roof of the house (in summer). To exclude overlays, it is recommended to stock up on keys from the attic (exit to the roof) in advance. Bring a small table and chairs. Decorate the venue with balloon hearts and ribbons.

If the man and woman prefer to be alone for the anniversary, you can recreate the complete picture of the first date: the first touches, kisses, and topics of conversation. It is important to remember all the details of the setting, time, and place. You can first discuss this option, or you can make it a surprise to your loved one, for example, call and make a reservation at the restaurant where you had your first date. The man should come with flowers and a gift. The girl should also give her beloved a present.

The day of the anniversary of the relationship will be unforgettable if the guy and girl both arrange a surprise for each other. For example, both lovers inflate balloons and attach a piece of paper with an affectionate word or a wish to each thread. In this case, the lovers should be in different rooms. After all the wishes are written and attached, the balloons are connected together. After a romantic dinner, you can catch them and read all the notes. In the evening, the couple releases sky lanterns into the sky to make their wishes come true.

first anniversary ideas

1 Year Anniversary Ideas

It might be difficult to think of interesting and fun first-anniversary ideas. That’s why we’ve prepared a list for you. You can choose any scenario you like or create your own based on the ones presented below.

1. Go to karaoke

Most songs are about love for a reason. It inspires talented people, but even ordinary people who open their hearts to this wonderful feeling feel elated. Everyone knows this sweet intoxication when for the sake of one person, you are ready to move mountains, compose a poem, and sing a serenade. The latter can be used as an idea for celebrating the anniversary. Put together a playlist. Include romantic songs or hits that are associated with pleasant memories for you. Head to the nearest karaoke bar and express your love to each other.

2. Cook together

In marriage, there is usually one partner who cooks and the second shows off their chef skills only in exceptional situations. The most budget-friendly option is to create a menu and cook together at home. In any case, this activity is incredibly bonding. You get to know your loved one better and become much more united, like a real team from a television show.

first anniversary date ideas

3. Go to the pub

Now, you may say that it is not romantic to go to a bar for your anniversary. However, there are several reasons to do it as a happy first-anniversary activity. First, such a step will create the illusion of youth. Remember how in your student days, getting hot dogs on the street was considered a great idea for a date? Secondly, in many quality drinking establishments, they brew delicious beer. Thirdly, in a good bar, there is a cozy atmosphere: beautiful interior, muted music, and twilight.

4. Laugh heartily

Sense of humor is the strongest aphrodisiac, reflecting the level of intelligence of your partner. Both women and men report that sharp-witted partners are much sexier. Get a couple of tickets for a stand-up comedian’s performance. The evening will pass easily and you will completely forget about any everyday problems and sorrows. This idea is also suitable for dating girls online – just watch a stand-up show on Netflix.

5. Play the “film game”

The rules are incredibly simple. You stock up on wine, cut up some cheese and fruit, and download a film in a foreign language without translation or subtitles. It is advisable to choose a film in the art-house genre or one of the conceptual participants in international film festivals (so that the action on the screen is dynamic and psychedelic). The task is to predict the events and actions of the characters and identify the main plot thread. You will probably get very involved and begin to build logical chains and voice the most incredible guesses. These several hours will pass by like a minute.

things to do for 1 year anniversary

1-year Anniversary Ideas for a Girlfriend – the Best Ideas

Of course, some first-anniversary date ideas are not suitable for everyone. At the same time, we always want to create a perfect situation to remember forever. Let’s have a look at several other scenarios.

1. Arrange a double date

There is nothing better than sharing your joy. If there is a couple that you know well, going on a double date would be a great idea. To make your event more interesting, divide up by gender. You and your friend will go to your apartment to dress up and your partner will be in another one with her friend. At the appointed time, the men come and knock on the door and take the ladies for a romantic rendezvous.

2. Give your partner a sensual massage

Make some flyers for private massage sessions and give one to your partner. It should not necessarily be erotic, although one does not interfere with the other. You will act as a masseur, and your partner will act as a client. Be sure to use special oils, as this will make it feel more pleasant.

3. Invite her to an unexpected dinner

The keyword is “unexpected.” Invite your partner on a blind date. Until the last moment, do not tell them where you are going. It is advisable to choose a place that neither of you have visited. Have you always wanted to try a specific cuisine? Then book a table at an Indian or Thai restaurant. Don't give your partner any clues — just let them know about the dress code. It is not necessary to blindfold them. Just call a taxi and go to the booked place.

4. Listen to sexy music

Jazz was created for lovers. It is erotic, dynamic, and at the same time, stringy. The sounds of saxophones and plundering of double basses have a strong stimulating effect, and the languid voice of the vocalist penetrates the soul. Butterflies begin to flutter in the stomach, and blood rushes to the most intimate places. Close your eyes and plunge into the dark depths of jazz, where you will find the elixir of eternal love. Dim club lighting and a few glasses of wine complete the voluptuous picture. This is one of the best things to do for the 1 year anniversary in 2021.

first year anniversary gifts

1 Year Dating Anniversary Ideas – Gifts for Your Girlfriend

The male half of humanity on the eve of the celebration, even with the wide variety of recommendations available online for “what to get your girlfriend for 1 year anniversary in 2021,” still cannot decide on a present. In order to make a choice, you need to know the character of the beloved person; her priorities, interests, and desires.

1. The best ideas

The initial first-year anniversary gift should be a bouquet of flowers. If you have come to a standstill in choosing a secondary surprise, you can pick from the list of standard presents:

  • Chocolates;
  • Champagne;
  • Plush heart;
  • Cuddly toy;
  • Photo album.

With a standard gift like this, you should have confidence that the girl will like it. However, if you take some time and turn on your imagination, classic gifts can be upgraded to more expensive ones:

  • Necklace with precious stones;
  • Jewelry set (ring, earrings) made of precious metals;
  • Guipure sleepwear;
  • Certificate for the purchase of expensive cosmetics from leading manufacturers;
  • Visit to a beauty salon;
  • Clothing accessories (clutch, scarf, etc.).

2. Gifts for hobbies

If you have been dating for a year, a man should know about the hobbies of his other half. Therefore, a gift that is closely related to one of the girl's hobbies is the best choice. For example:

  • Canvas and a set of paints;
  • Bicycle or skateboard;
  • Aquarium with fish;
  • Kitten, puppy.

If the girl drives a car, you can please her by buying rims for her car, seat covers, or making an airbrush drawing on the hood of the car.

3. Surprise gift

A girl will never forget the anniversary of her relationship if she is given a pleasant surprise. This is one of the most interesting first-anniversary gift ideas in 2021.

  • Before your beloved arrives home from work, decorate the path to the entrance with rose petals and helium balloons in the form of a huge heart.
  • Flash mob: Call your partner on her cell phone and tell her to meet you in the city center. Before she arrives, arrange a surprise with friends: As soon as she appears, dance a cheerful dance.
  • Original congratulations: Call a radio station, read a poem, make a declaration of love, or put on your soulmate’s favorite song.

In Conclusion

Loving is not as easy as it seems, and living with another person is even more difficult. That is why every anniversary is the greatest feat. For 365 days, the couple was looking for compromises, avoiding arguments, quarreling, and reconciling. If you evaluate the statistics of divorces with an open mind, you will understand that people who continue to love each other when another year passes are the real heroes.

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