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Dating a British girl: Peculiarities and myths | Brides 4 Love

Dating a British Girl | Brides 4 Love Tips and Tricks

There are certain clichés about people of each culture: Italians are all ladies’ men, Russians drink a lot, and Germans are pedants. Concerning the inhabitants of England, there is also a set of stereotypes about them that are usually far from reality. When you hear “girls from England,” an image of prim, reserved, and arrogant young ladies with strong faces appears in your mind. This is a cliché that has little to do with reality.
H2: Beautiful British girls: “English rose”
British women are not good-looking—we all have probably heard this, and anyone who has visited The Big Smoke has witnessed this. However, if for travelers Great Britain is identified with its capital, then only a person who has come to live there for some time can affirm: London has long ceased to be British in the classical sense. London itself is home to only 20% of the British population. Nowadays, it is a large multicultural city in which people of all nationalities live.

Beautiful British girls

Therefore, judging the beauty of English women by observing women in central London is like making conclusions about the rise in oil prices by watching the behavior of pigeons in Trafalgar Square. The spectacle may be fascinating, but it does not answer the question posed. Real hot British girls live in a completely different England, and those found in London could be representatives of any nationality.

Dating a British girl: What you need to know

If you want to try dating an English girl, you should get to know her better. If your worldviews coincide and there are no significant contradictions, then try to invite her for a drink in the pub. Pubs are essential when dating British women because for English people they are the main entertainment establishments.

dating an English girl

Also, when dating English women, try to avoid the word “date.” For them, it sounds too straightforward and leaves no room for flexibility. On a date, British girls, like Russian women, like to drink and can drink a lot. But these two drinking cultures are significantly different. Russian people prefer strong drinks, while English ladies opt for beer or wine.

How to date a British woman: Essential tips

It’s quite hard to talk about cultural peculiarities in relationships, but there are definitely nuances that will help you better understand what you can expect from British women dating.

British women dating

Tip 1: A partnership approach

The British are a pragmatic and modest people, so although there is romance, common sense can displace it. For them, self-improvement and constant respect for each other is the key to an ideal relationship. Partners want equality and expect both sides to strive to adjust and understand each other’s position.

For instance, a lady does not have to pay for dinner. But on a date, British women may, out of politeness, offer to pay so that the man does not feel obliged to do it. Even if you decide to split the bill, there is nothing shameful about that.

The same applies to everyday life when dating a British woman. A man may cook dinner, walk the dog, and do laundry so as not to burden his busier female partner. Reminding each other of gender roles and responsibilities is not seen as appropriate.

Tip 2: Be ready for mercy without words and notoriously pursed mouths

Quite often you may hear that British ladies are emotionally cold, unlike most Ukrainian women, who have an open soul. In fact, they are just very cautious and quite vulnerable. That is why it is more convenient for them to hide behind polite smiles and say: “Yes, everything is all right, don’t worry!” However, you never know what exactly is hidden behind these polite phrases.

Pursing their lips, beautiful British girls will listen to any nonsense, nodding their heads with understanding. By showing sympathy, a girl will extinguish any conflicts because it is indecent to throw tantrums. Most likely, in the end, they will hold onto their opinion, pretending that mutual understanding has been reached, but at the same time, they will draw their own conclusions. They won’t tell you about it so as not to offend you. Even on the first, second, or third date, everything may seem great because topics that may cause controversy have been avoided—they are not acceptable to discuss. They may promise to call you the next day, but there is no guarantee that this will happen.

Tip 3: Haste makes waste

Pressure in relationships can come from increased anxiety and the desire for greater certainty: This is why Slavic people get married earlier than, for instance, typical Brits—so as not to be in limbo for a long time. Meanwhile, it is common in Great Britain for people to not rush to move in together, make false promises, or get married. People tend to not get married until they reach their 30s because they value their independence very highly. And here is why:

●    Only by the age of 30 do many people manage to be comfortable with their career status, and they do not want to fall from this pedestal. To the question of equality—who should sacrifice their career? Him or her? A man may decide to go on parental leave since local laws allow for this.
●    Living in England is expensive, as is raising children, so many put this off until later. First, they want to see the world and live for their own pleasure.
●    Marriage is a serious step. Past generations of parents simply could not support their children, and many married very early to start an independent life as soon as possible. Now marriage is not considered an achievement, and British ladies set their priorities differently.
●    The divorce of parents can leave a painful imprint on the memory of children and affect their attitudes toward marriage. Many British girls are not afraid of getting married but of divorce because the procedure for official divorce in the UK is expensive and long.

Tip 4: Don’t kiss in public

The British people have cultivated a tradition of emotional restraint for several centuries. So it is not surprising that they are not inclined to demonstrate their feelings in public places. Some people there believe that all sorts of public tenderness are simply disgusting because the kissing couple is clearly only doing it to get rid of their own deep complexes. For British people, kissing comes soon before sex in courtship, so this attitude is understandable. A couple kissing in public is declaring that they will soon have an intimate relationship. So, if your lady does not show you tenderness, do not try to kiss her on the first date, especially in a crowded place.

Dating British women: The right approach

There will be difficulties in any relationship, and if your partner belongs to a different culture, then sometimes there may be misunderstandings between you because of the difference in mentality. In such situations, it is crucial to ask where the habits that cause you mixed feelings came from. In turn, sometimes you will have to remind your partner: “It is customary in my family,” “We all do this because …,” etc.

Try not to draw boundaries between you or emphasize all the time how different you are. Habits and cultural differences are the least of the trials that couples go through. Sometimes a person does not even realize how much his behavior can discourage a partner because until now, they did not face much criticism.

Dating British women

In the end, no instructions on how to date a British girl will be enough to prepare someone for a serious relationship. The British, like any other group of people, are trying to find their soulmate, trusting their intuition, and sometimes they may be attracted by the differences between you. Anything that confuses us can help us break the ice and reconsider our views on what a relationship should be.

Cute British women: Expectations and reality

The stories that in the UK, ladies prefer to dress any old way are true, but only concerning their daytime outfits. Ugly sweaters, baggy jeans that don’t match anything, an almost complete absence of makeup, a careless hairstyle, trampled shoes—this is an accurate image of an ordinary British girl on a weekday.

But the situation changes drastically when a lady is going to a party—everything comes into play here: ultra-high heels, sexy short mini, fashionable hairstyle, massive accessories, bright makeup. An English woman will prepare for a visit to a bar or a party as if this is her last night on Earth and she needs to demonstrate everything in her arsenal. She emphasizes her sexuality, but the features of the figure can be completely ignored. Hence, sometimes the evening image, although stylish and sexy, is completely unsuitable for a particular girl.

British women may not use outerwear for an evening out at all, or shoes suitable for the season. It is common to meet British beauties returning home on a winter night in light dresses and sandals.

Decency and manners were once synonymous with England, but they remain in the distant past. Along with the victory of emancipation came confidence for British girls in bed. The boundaries of decency were erased and destroyed. Now, no one will say that it is indecent for women to put on makeup or do manicures on public transport, apply cloying perfume in the workplace, laugh loudly, or get drunk.

What are British women like?

The UK is one country where feminism has triumphed because according to various social polls, more than half of British women consider themselves to be feminists. In addition, 90% of them want women and men to have the same rights. Hence, don’t try to impress the English ladies with the obvious manifestations of muscularity, and don’t advocate patriarchal values. The same applies to humor: Making jokes about female logic or female characteristics is prohibited. It will be very hard to explain that, in fact, it was just a joke.

If English ladies get married, they will try hard to save the marriage since the process for an official divorce in the UK is costly and time-consuming. The upbringing of British girls has shaped their character, which is very suitable for family life: They are restrained in their feelings, do not show violent emotions, do not throw tantrums, and do not provoke family squabbles. They also respect the personal space of their chosen one. Marital infidelity is extremely rare for them since the British are taught from childhood to respect other people’s space and property.

What are British women like

The priorities in the family lives of British girls are quite unique:

●    33% of women value understanding most of all in their husbands.
●    28% speak about the importance of caring.
●    24% value a spouse’s sense of humor (which is peculiar in England and contains a rather large share of sarcasm).
●    For 23%, honesty is the most crucial aspect.
●    19% want the husband to be generous.
●    And only 14% said that love is the most essential thing between spouses (data from J. Gorer’s book “The English Character”).

The belief that British ladies aren’t beautiful is a popular misconception that is typically confirmed by the English ladies themselves and their attitudes toward their own appearance. It is crucial to understand the peculiarities of upbringing and culture. In the UK, women can safely eat junk food and abuse alcohol without having to worry about what others will think.

They cannot be called regulars at beauty salons, given the fact that such services are much more costly than, for instance, in the United States. But they take care of themselves at home, which makes their beauty, although not so bright and vibrant, much more long-lasting.

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