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Ideas on How to Impress a Girl on the First Date

How can you guess in advance whether a date will work out? You need to have a knack for clairvoyance to find a good place that will appeal to your new friend; choose the appropriate behavior, and ask her the right questions. After all, you do not know new people, and therefore it is unlikely that the first meeting can be an ideal first date. The questions concerning how to select a place to go on a first date or what flowers to choose are relevant for any guy. Especially when he really likes the girl and plans to have a whirlwind romance with her or even thinks about a serious relationship.

First Date: To Give or Not to Give Flowers?

Giving flowers is an ancient, beautiful gesture that can reflect the depth of feelings. At the same time, nowadays you can choose any flower arrangement that you can imagine. There are hundreds of options of glossy packaging, decoration, and other tinsel that can please a young lady of all tastes. And if you already follow the principle that you cannot come to the first date empty-handed, then you need to approach the choice of flowers responsibly. If you decide to express your feelings with the help of flowers, then consider the cute ideas of a bouquet for a first date. Choose a lovely little composition that has a particular meaning. It will not only emphasize your taste but also tell the girl about what a caring gentleman you are. And leave large bouquets for those cases when you have to come home to your lady so that she can put them in a vase and not strain her hands bearing them. It is not without reason that people attribute specific significance to all flowers. They can be associated with particular events or hide an underlying meaning in their name. Roses, chamomiles, asters — many people are aware of the approximate meanings behind these flowers. And if your main goal is to surprise brides online and impress them with your knowledge, then it is best to choose compositions that consist of exotic plants. Many do not know what these unusual flowers mean, and therefore you can always entertain your beautiful companion with a story about them.

What to Do on a First Date: Great First Date Ideas

When the question of unusual first date ideas arises, you first need to take your wallet and carefully recalculate the available finances. And then, choose from those simple first date options that will not hit your wallet. If, of course, you have a plane, an island, or enough money to offer the girl you like to go to Paris immediately, then such an offer will make the date romantic and memorable for a lifetime. The most familiar and romantic first date idea can be the most ordinary café. It is crucial to think out and prepare everything in advance. Book a table earlier, especially if you are planning a date on a weekend. Choose a proven establishment where there is no fuss. Today, there are a vast number of restaurants and cafés. It is best to choose an original establishment, for example, one of the themed ones with an unusual design. And then, if even during the first awkward conversation, topics suddenly run out, you can always discuss the menu, the interior design, etc. Moreover, the choice of such an unusual establishment for the first date will show the girl that the man took the first meeting seriously. And women always notice such details, even if they seem insignificant to some men.

Ideas for a First Date: The Best First Date Options in 2021

A cinema date can be among good first date ideas too. You only need to agree with the girl in advance which film is best to watch. Since everyone has different tastes, it will be better if the movie fascinates both of them, and not when one falls asleep or suffers, and the other enjoys life. Theater, circus, organ music concert — these options are also suitable, but not for everybody. So before buying tickets, you should ask the girl if she is interested in such a pastime. In the summer, you can invite a girl to a beautiful park. But in this case, do not forget about a snack: you should buy the girl a hot dog, cotton candy, or boiled corn. During a walk, the appetite increases with every step, so if the girl is hungry and thirsty, then she will not have the most pleasant impressions after such a date. It is better to choose a place for a romantic evening in such a way that the girl would like it. It should make her want to continue the meeting. Also, the chosen meeting place should show the gentleman in the best light and demonstrate his attention and care. Besides, you should opt for a place where the girl can relax and talk more about herself. Show your best qualities so that you can understand whether it is worth making a second appointment. There are also more unusual ideas for a first date in 2021 that will help you to impress your lady.

Boat trip

It is a funny first date idea. Take your lady on a boat trip over the lake. To do this, you need to select a park or forest where there is a lake, find a boat or rent it with the person who drives it (if you do not know how to drive a boat or want to devote more time to a girl, not paddling).


Go to a nearby park with a pond or other piece of water and feed the birds. Bring some fresh grains with you and watch the birds — it is truly breathtaking entertainment.


The time spent together in the indoor water park will be a lot of fun and leave a lot of impressions. Be sure to warn the girl where you are going. She needs to prepare for such a pastime, choose a swimsuit and flip-flops. In this case, you should not make it a surprise.


Arrange a photo session outdoors. Take pictures of each other in a natural environment, update your photo album, and at the same time, have fun looking at your bad photos.


Go on a spontaneous journey. Surely there are places in the vicinity of your city. Get your bus or train tickets and go there for a day or even an overnight stay. A change of scenery and getting some fresh air — how much cooler can you spend your first date? But do not forget to warn the girl if you are going to spend the night there: she may need to take some stuff with her.

Try a new cuisine

If you have been to every local eatery, cook an exotic dish yourself. It is not necessary to take a net and go to catch grasshoppers or frogs — everything is much easier. The Internet is still a solution, just choose an unusual dish and go get the necessary ingredients. In the process of searching for them, you will not be bored.

Ideal First Date in 2021: Aftertaste

Talk about something abstract, do not make the evening too dramatic and frank, giving away one secret after another. Excessive honesty on the first date is repulsive and leaves fewer chances of further communication. It means, on the first date, you should not talk about the manifestation of despotism and totalitarian control, even if such features are inherent in you. It is worth keeping silent about this until the time when you understand what you want to share and that your lady is ready to hear it. On the first date, try not to speak about your exes (especially if their number is impressive). There is a cliché — the richer a man, the more chances that a woman will fall for him. Firstly, bragging about the financial situation on the first or any other date speaks of insecurity. A person should be worth something without finances. Secondly, excessive generosity indicates that a man is trying to bribe a woman, which is disrespectful to her. Of course, everyone experiences a certain amount of emotional excitement before a first date. It is quite normal. But if your goal is to make a good impression on a lady, she should see a strong, independent personality, not an emotional and insecure one. It is also not worth discussing the past. It can be mentioned briefly, but you should not make it the topic of the whole evening. And one more thing: when a girl asks about the past, she is interested in hearing about your childhood, past hobbies, friends, and not about the one who broke your heart and how long it took to get over the breakup. Talk about the future. It does not mean that you need to describe all your plans in great detail, but if you are going to move to another country, and do not want to have children, be honest about it. Moreover, having aspirations and goals is very sexy.

In Conclusion

Now you know everything about how to impress a girl on a first date. However, you should not be limited by these ideas. You can use them as inspiration to come up with your own perfect first date. But the best surprise is always personal — think about the things your girlfriend loves and dreams about. Remember her favorite romantic movies and songs. Perhaps something associated with them would be unforgettable.
We hope we can help you find the answer to how to surprise a girl and come up with a perfect date. However, don’t lose heart if something goes wrong. You can always try again or even plan a date together.

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