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The level of female desire and trust grows slowly. Girls do not like hasty men who too quickly begin to molest and harass them physically. But girls also do not like shy guys who have no idea how to touch a woman and get her excited.

No one usually talks about this, but girls are seduced not so much by beautiful words as by gentle touches. Without physical touch during dates, the transition to a new level of communication with a beautiful woman is not going to happen. Some guys are waiting for the end of the date when they hope there will be a kiss and an invitation “for tea.” But this is too naive. This only happens in romantic movies, but they do not show the crucial moments: how the hero previously seduced the girl with his touch.

Why is touch so important?

Flirting is impossible without touching, and without flirting, a girl will not understand what you want from her. Maybe you just enjoy looking at the stars in her company. It is also crucial to understand that touching should be unobtrusive. Young ladies are rather scrupulous about preserving their reputation on first dates, showing with their facial expressions and body language: “I’m not like that! I need to be conquered!” Just observe them, and they will tell you how to touch a woman 2021 correctly.

man touching woman

Why is it important to touch a girl?

  • Through touch, you voice your desires. In general, courtship is mainly based on touch and the right words. If you just talk a lot, you cannot build a relationship. The same will happen if you touch silently. That is a direct road to the friend zone.
  • Girls love brave men. And brave men do not hesitate to touch. How can you deny yourself the pleasure of hugging Ukrainian women, touching such a desired body? To begin with, you have to learn to touch and not be afraid that they will think badly of you.
  • Brides online are touchy creatures, and not only in terms of their sentimentality. Pay attention to how they communicate with each other! Touch is a way to support each other, to express feelings and emotions. It is rare to see two male friends holding hands as they walk down the street. But women do it all the time.

Girls have more nerve endings all over their bodies, so touching a woman’s body is a prerequisite for communicating with her.

Touching a woman 2021: How does she feel when you touch her?

Every time you meet for a date, the girl is trying to get to know you. She forms an impression of you, tests your boundaries, and sees how confident and bold you are. Yes, it is crucial for them for a man to be nearby and not a shy weakling. With the help of touch, you can understand how she feels about you. So watch how she reacts. Learn to read between the lines and catch subtle hints so you can understand when “no” means “leave me alone,” and when it means “Yes, but you need to persuade me more.”

romantic touches

How to touch a girl so that she understands your intentions?

  • Help her take off her coat, hold her on the steps, hug her, straighten her hair.
  • See how she reacts to your closeness with her. Women always touch people who sympathize with them. Therefore, if a girl likes you, she will touch you back.
  • If you take her hand, and she does not remove it, this is a good sign. When you are walking down the street, she may take your arm — these will be unobtrusive romantic touches, but you must be able to read them.
  • A man touching a woman should be skillful but gentle. Remember that female skin is more sensitive than male, and they need hugs more often.
  • A girl will be very pleased if you hug her discreetly in the middle of your date.

The sooner you start touching a girl, the sooner she will get used to the idea that you are the man who should be next to her.

First date: At what point is it acceptable to touch?

On the first date, you should not show what a genius you are in the art of tactile contact — it will be premature and may stress the girl out. But, at the same time, the distance between you should not be the same as it would be with a complete stranger.

  1. Hug the girl when you meet, if you have the courage — kiss her cheek briefly and lightly.
  2. Spend some time talking before taking her hand. This should be done only when you see that she feels calm next to you.
  3. If there is already a spark on the first date, you can briefly hug her around the waist while walking — just for a couple of minutes.
  4. If you see that the girl is interested in you, make a beautiful compliment with tactile contact. Say she has beautiful hair and run your hand through it.
  5. Take an interest in her necklace and accidentally touch her when you take it in your palm to get a better look.

where to touch a woman

How to start romantic touches?

Communication always starts with socially acceptable norms. At this stage, your touch should be invisible. That is, you should only be incidentally touching her. You cannot immediately grab a girl by the breast as you want. To begin with, you should be more modest and neat. If you start touching a woman roughly, it will seem that you are intruding, and girls do not like this. When dating, you should get to know each other better so you can both form an opinion. You can use permissible touches:

  • It is acceptable to hug her from behind when you let her pass — for instance, at the entrance to a café.
  • Help her take off her outerwear and gently stroke her over her shoulder and arm. She will feel it, but she will not show it. You can be sure — the game has started.
  • Give her your hand when you sit down at the table or when she gets out of the car. That is, do everything that is written in etiquette books. You should give her the impression that you always do this, and not just now.
  • Correct a stray lock of her hair and gently touch her on the neck and shoulders. Your touch should show interest. All of your movements should be smooth, neat, and imperceptible.

Be gentle: A girl should not get the impression that she is on a date with a maniac.

touching a woman

Where do women like to be touched?

It is impossible to make a list of occasions, suitable body parts, and places in the city where to touch a woman. And that is actually great — you have room to maneuver and be creative. You can reach the perfect compromise: Hug the girl whenever you want. Hold her hand, stroke her hair, and develop a “ritual” kiss for greetings and goodbyes, not necessarily on the lips. You can easily kiss a girl on the forehead or the top of her head, and it will be very touching.

where do girls like to be touched

1. The first touch should be fleeting

It should be unobtrusive, as in ordinary communication. Stroke or tap her on the shoulder, give her a high-five, nudge her in a friendly way in response to a joke. As a sign of attention, you can kiss her hand when meeting her, greeting her, or saying goodbye.

2. Show more initiative

And make these boundaries more flexible: Hug her when you say goodbye, if you just met, or even kiss her on the cheek. Touch her arm or shoulder when you want to draw attention to yourself. While helping her take off her coat, touch her arms and shoulders. When passing through a doorway, put your hand on her back and push her slightly, or just slide your hand along her back.

3. Girls need touch

And they are often the first to close tactile distance. But your initiative convinces her of your desire, interest, and aspirations of a relationship. In this regard, tactile contact is a kind of guardian against the friend zone, a highlighter of your intentions.

Touching a woman’s body 2021: How to do it properly

If you are wondering how to touch a woman’s body properly, playfully slap the girl with your shoulder or touch her with your hand. Hug her when you help her put her jacket on or stand behind her. Run your palm over her back, which will cause numerous goosebumps. Grab her around the waist. Tickle her playfully. Touch her gently and fleetingly. Take your hands away fast enough that she does not suspect any dirty intentions.

how to touch a woman and get her excited

Flirt with the girl, compliment her, entertain her, and make her laugh. When a girl is passionate about something, she is more carefree and willing to succumb to more persistent touches. She may not seem to notice it, or maybe she is pretending to be deliberately enjoying the man’s hands.

Where do girls like to be touched? Put your hand in the back pocket of the girl’s jeans, run your hand over her knee; gradually touch the girl more and more openly and boldly. After a while, the girl will let you do everything that you have dreamed of.

Sensitive places to touch a woman

Make sure every touch is confident. If a man is nervous and thinking “what to do if I want to touch the girl?”, and his palms are sweating or his hands are shaking, nothing will come of it. The girl is unlikely to get in the mood for physical contact from a person who himself is afraid of it.

where to touch a woman

1. Touching the hands of a girl

At the initial stage, all touching her body should begin with the hands. The palms and hands have many sensitive points, which will work in your favor. When you meet, give the girl your hand and lead her down the street, holding hands. Take the girl by the elbow or arm when you are going somewhere and need to hold her. Take your girlfriend by the hand at any time, stroke her palm, or interlace your fingers with hers when you walk.

Try to be gentle and neat. The girl should not feel pain or discomfort at this stage of communication. But act with confidence and calmness. You should not be more worried than her. Girls are looking for men who know what they are doing.

2. Touching the girl’s head

Do not be afraid to touch the girl’s face:

  • Admire the girl’s earrings by pulling her hair to the side and touching her cheek;
  • Remove an “invisible” eyelash from the girl’s cheek;
  • Run your hand over her cheek, admiring her beauty and naturalness;
  • Carefully stroke the girl’s cheeks with your palm and fingers;
  • Massage the bridge of the nose and the area above the girl’s eyebrows — most people frown all day, and it is very pleasant when this area is gently rubbed;
  • Run your hand through the girl’s hair and play with her curls.

Touching a girlfriend’s neck and shoulders

One of the most sensitive parts for a girl is her neck. Thin skin and many nerve endings make such caresses very pleasant. Touch her neck carefully and gently. Run your palm or the back of your hand over the girl’s neck.

Massage the beautiful woman’s shoulders — almost all Russian women react positively to this, especially after a hard day. Give your girl a mini massage that will not leave her indifferent. The strong but gentle hands of a man turn girls on. The girlfriend will get pleasure, which will be a plus for you.

The girl’s neck is the most important erogenous zone. The best thing is to cover her neck with gentle kisses. Any girl will quickly fall under the influence of these kinds of caresses.

touching her body

Decide on your intentions

There are a lot of places where ladies like to be touched. But every touch sends a message that is sometimes more powerful and brighter than words. Learn about body language and send your chosen one the right signals. Some are suitable for seduction, others for closing the distance between you, and others for expressing tenderness.

Different touches work in different ways, and first, you need to decide what kind of mood you want to convey with the touches. It is crucial to remember that on the first few dates, it will be most appropriate to express tenderness and to close the distance a little, but not to seduce her in any way.

Personal Boundaries

With all the information you already have on how to touch a woman while flirting, please remember that every person has their own individual experience and personal boundaries. Don’t push if you see that your touches are not timely or if the girl seems to not like them. If you are unsure, it is never a mistake to ask whether a girl is OK with physical contact or not.
If you are not sure how to touch a girlfriend, carefully read all the tips we mentioned above and make sure that they are applicable to your woman. Ask her how she feels about different touches and which she likes the most.

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