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We live in a wonderful time: To be in a relationship, you need to first find a potential partner, charm and seduce him or her, fall in love, and finally, move from dating to a relationship, which is a serious commitment rather than just the desire of two people to spend time together. Why is everything so complicated today? In this post, we are going to discuss how to get into a relationship from regular dating and sex in 2021.

Casual Dating vs. Serious Dating: Enjoy Your Relationship

More and more couples today transition to serious relationships after having sex with no commitment for several months — not through bouquets of flowers and dinner and movie dates, like our grandparents.

how to get into a relationship from regular dating

Times have changed, and our physiological needs no longer need to be hidden. For some, they have even become more important than the direct union of two people who are suitable for each other. This, however, is not necessarily contradictory, because, in both serious and dating-only relationships, there is excellent sex along with mutual understanding. Instead of putting labels on your relationship, you may want to lie in bed all day Sunday, since the rainy summer does not afford many other options. Even if you are dating but not in a relationship in 2021, you can still enjoy these moments in your life.

Can Casual Relationships Become Serious?

The casual to serious relationship situation is similar to the classic metaphor about a glass of water that is half full and half empty. Some look at dating and sex without obligations optimistically and classify this relationship as a kind of intermediate category, which can be called a union of two loving (from the phrase "making love") people. Others look at the same casual relationship and declare that it is a bad thing.

casual to serious relationship

And here you need to be really careful. How exactly do you characterize your relationship? The response to this question is a projection that you give to this relationship every day. So, the first and most important way to start going from casual to committed relationships is to view them in the way in which you would like to direct them. Only then can you begin sending signals to your partner about your desire to change your relationship status.

Signs a Casual Relationship Is Getting Serious

There comes a point in a relationship when you ask yourself if this is something serious. It is sometimes difficult to tell if your relationship has reached a new level. But you need to understand how your feelings develop. Can you count on your partner? Let us list the five signs a casual relationship is getting serious.

Sign # 1 - You are completely open

One of the main signs of a serious relationship is that you fully accept each other. You don't have to pretend to be someone else or change your habits around them. And you know that the other person accepts you with all your flaws. Meanwhile, you also accept the fact that your partner is not perfect, and you do not expect them to change.

Sign # 2 - You talk about the future

Any relationship needs perspective. This makes you feel like you're on solid ground. You make plans together. If you are making plans for your future together, this is a sign that your relationship is becoming serious. New relationships are today-oriented. Serious relationships involve thinking about how you see your life together. Then your relationship has a future.

Sign # 3 - You discuss crucial matters together

Trust is one of the main elements of a serious relationship. If your partner consults with you about big decisions, then you trust each other. Every day people make important decisions, and they often need the help and support of someone who is close to them. And of course, you want to hear the point of view of the person whose opinion you value. Trust is essential for your relationship to grow and flourish. If your partner wants to know your opinion on a crucial issue, then you have become an important part of their life.

signs a casual relationship is getting serious

Sign # 4 - You are very close

If you have met the close friends of your significant other, your relationship will develop. Usually, people only introduce their partner to their friends if they believe this person is the one they plan to spend their future with. This means that your partner is ready to commit to a relationship. Sure, meeting the friends of your date can be tough, but it's always a sign of trust.

Sign # 5 - You spend your free time together

People want to spend their free time with someone who is important to them. And it's good if your interests coincide — for example, if you like the same movies, TV shows, and music. This creates a common background. You have common jokes and conversation topics. This is a good sign that the relationship has reached a new level.

How to Move from Dating to a Relationship: Tips to Follow

So, have you already evaluated your relationship? Can you say that you are getting into a relationship? If not, it is highly probable that one or both of you are not ready to take the next step. Having met one of the ladies online or gotten to know a man several months ago, it is quite logical that a person will change their attitude toward the union. If you want a relationship but it seems that your partner is not ready, here are some tips that may help you move to the next stage.

moving from dating to a serious relationship

  • Explore the person’s background carefully: Ask your partner what exactly scares them about a serious relationship and why it seems that he/she is avoiding it. Be sure to not make it feel like a police interrogation. Find a suitable moment in which to raise this topic. First, ask them if they are ready to talk about the state of your relationship. It might turn out that you are not close enough to have such a conversation. In that case, do not be in a hurry to open that dialogue.
  • Create some distance between you: In other words, make yourself appear inaccessible. After all, dating and sex without obligations also tend to become routine and commonplace. As a result, both of you are just accustomed to each other. The main purpose of this recommendation is to help both of you understand whether you have real feelings for each other. Both you and your partner will be able to comprehend the essence of your feelings if you create some distance between you.
  • Pick a moment for radical change: Often a trip or a party with mutual friends becomes a turning point in your lives and puts things right. First of all, if you have had such special moments together, that is already a good sign. Usually, a person does not invite just a casual date (or friend with no strings attached) to parties with close friends. In that case, evaluate your relationship again. You have probably overlooked some of the signs we mentioned earlier.
  • Create a comfortable environment for your partner: Give him/her the opportunity to speak out and share their feelings and desires. In return, do not give them advice, pretending to be a know-it-all. If a person feels such tacit support, he/she will feel emotionally safe with you, and this is already serious and worth a lot.
  • Do not try to handcuff anyone: Serious commitments, unlike casual relationships, involve making plans for the future and imply that you are not looking for other partners. But the former will never provide you with a guarantee that your partner will not meet his/her love one day and decide to terminate your affair. So, your goal is not to pressure your date to agree on making a commitment. It is crucial that taking the next step is a decision made by both partners.
  • Ask yourself why you need it: Are you in a hurry to jump into a serious relationship just because all your friends have already gotten married? Analyze what exactly is motivating you to get ahead of yourself when both of you have the opportunity to get to know each other better and make up your minds. You are not wasting time in any relationship. Live and enjoy every moment with your partner, regardless of what you call your relationship.

getting into a serious relationship

When Does Dating Turn into a Relationship?

For some people, the feeling of protection ensured by the commitment of another person is essential. But if you try to push your relationship to the next level before you or your partner are ready, you are not going to get the expected result. If you really need this kind of security, we recommend that you get started with a careful evaluation of your relationship, determining if you trust each other enough to openly discuss everything. If not, try to relax for some time to see where your partnership will lead you. When looking for the response to the question, “When does dating turn into a relationship?”, people often forget that the most essential thing is to enjoy what they have now, rather than constantly worry about the future.

If you are wondering about signs that your relationship is getting serious or might be interested in turning dating into a relationship, the most essential thing to remember is not to overdo it. If you are too insistent, you might push the person you like away from you rather than start a relationship.

And finally, for every couple, the signs dating turning into a relationship might be different. Even if you have not noticed any of the above, this does not mean that there is no future for the two of you. So, stay calm and do not try to control everything, especially the way your girlfriend or boyfriend feels about you.

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