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The Aquarius woman is the most mysterious and amazing out of all the signs of the zodiac. Extraordinary intelligence, sociability, and artistry are the main Aquarius woman traits. In comparison with her, the Aquarius man is very calm. He often lacks a rebellious spirit. However, this is not surprising. After all, women are always characterized by stronger emotionality.

What Is an Aquarius Woman Like?

People always pay attention to an Aquarius woman. She stands out for her attractiveness, charm, sophistication, and sharp mind. She likes to be surrounded by interesting and intelligent people. Such a person easily succeeds, since she is endowed with a high level of intelligence. Being around her is always exciting. An Aquarius girl also stands out for her fashion sense. She can wear both outfits inherited from her grandmother and designer looks.

More about an Aquarius Woman Personality

The defining characteristic of an Aquarius woman is that other people value her openness, easygoing nature, and sincerity. Falsity and hypocrisy are alien to her. Attempts to impose your point of view on Aquarius women are doomed to failure. They have a wayward nature that will not tolerate external pressure.

Another thing to be aware of about an Aquarius woman is that she easily handles changes in her environment. She is delighted by travel, as well as social events where nice people gather. Through her interaction with them, this person receives information, which she will reflect on later. She has the ability to adapt to changing conditions and adjust her opinion.

Aquarius woman in love

In love, as in other areas of life, the Aquarius woman is shrouded in mystery. For her chosen one, she always remains a mystery. She has a specific kind of logic that is very difficult to understand. If a man decides to pursue this type of woman, he must accept that above all, she values her independence. She will not sacrifice it under any circumstances.

Therefore, the best approach to such a woman is a joint hobby. If you work with her, then fate has given you a good opportunity to start dating. Aquarius women in relationships are caring and attentive to their partners. This means that their partner should provide them with the same feelings in order to build a happy relationship.

Marriage is not a major life priority for an Aquarius woman. However, after creating a family, she wants to build a joint life in the way she herself considers necessary and acceptable. Due to her love of freedom, not every man will be able to accept such a position.

The chosen one of an Aquarius woman must accept that she has a very wide circle of acquaintances, all with different social statuses and from different social circles. She will devote most of her time to communicating with them. In addition, she can be impulsive — she may suddenly go on a trip and not notify anyone.

Aquarius woman in bed

In bed, it is very difficult for an Aquarius woman to get aroused. In this regard, wild passion is completely incomprehensible to her. She prefers affection and tenderness, so pay attention to this while dating an Aquarius. During intimacy, she doesn't like to experiment. She prefers a traditional and standard intimate life.

If the lover manages to find an approach to the Aquarius woman and strongly excites her, then the situation will improve. In this case, she will begin to study with interest different features of sex and try new things in bed.

The Aquarius woman really enjoys touching and stroking her partner. She perfectly predicts his feelings, so she brings him great pleasure. If she sees that a man has difficulties with potency, then she will certainly begin to feel sorry for him. Such a person will definitely be patient and be able to cope with the difficulties that have arisen.

It is more important for the Aquarius woman that her chosen one is pleased. She neglects her own satisfaction in bed. Often, out of pity, she will enter into a relationship with a married man who is in search of a soul mate because of a misunderstanding with his wife. However, it is really difficult to misunderstand the signs an Aquarius woman likes you.

When the representative of this sign manages to completely liberate herself in bed, she will agree to any proposal. After all, the most important thing for her is the pleasure of her loved one.

What Is Dating an Aquarius Woman Like?

The Aquarius woman is virtuous. In an incomprehensible way, she manages to take advantage of what others would regard as disadvantages. And she does it so skillfully that she deserves sincere compliments. There are many attractive traits of an Aquarius woman:

  • Ingenuity;
  • Education;
  • Benevolence;
  • Nobility;
  • Advanced intuition;
  • Organized nature.

The most extravagant girl in your office is surely an Aquarius. She will look gorgeous in a vintage dress, handmade jewelry, pretentious shoes, a transparent hat, and make-up a la the 60s. Only she can create a harmonious, elegant image out of things that other ladies would not dare to wear.