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Every psychologist knows that to determine the character of a person, it is enough just to look at them. Clothing style, accessories, and color preferences can tell you a lot about a person. If we are talking about a woman, then it is even simpler: makeup, perfume scent, and a preference for certain styles of clothing can all help. However, you do not need to look at the girl from head to toe since you can learn about her character by simply looking at the color of her hair.

Perhaps some people will be skeptical about determining someone’s character by their hair color, but there is some truth in this. The evidence for this is in data of scientists who conducted many studies and were able to identify common character traits inherent in girls with the same hair colors.

Women with auburn hair: What are they like?

Pretty girls with auburn hair have a soft character. They are executive and responsible. Therefore, they confidently achieve their intended goal. They are easy-going, and they love to travel and explore the world while learning new things. They always take care of their health and look after their appearance. Such ladies find a common interest with everyone and can fit into any group without any problems. They are sociable and cheerful. At the same time, auburn hair women always know what they want and try to do what’s best for themselves.

Swarthy ladies with auburn hair are more restrained, while fair-skinned ladies tend to be sentimental. Women with dark eyes often do well in technical professions and gray-eyed women in nonscience fields.

Auburn Hair Women

Dating an attractive woman with auburn hair

At the same time, beautiful women with auburn hair are considered to be quite complex in nature. They are a kind of intermediate link between blondes and brunettes, which means they have absorbed the characteristics of both. They can be gentle, submissive, and docile, or they can be strong-willed, domineering, and completely non-compliant. Their mood changes like the wind — from soft to turbulent. Every day is a surprise when you are dating girls with auburn hair. You never know what to expect from them today.

Pretty girl with auburn hair in relationships

Despite all the contradictions, auburn hair ladies can still submit to one and only man whom they fall in love with. They are loyal in relationships that tend to grow into a family. However, don’t try to break them! As soon as an auburn hair girl realizes that someone has tried to manipulate her, she will radically change her attitude toward the person.

An auburn hair woman often remains mysterious. Few people can understand how she can be gentle and tough, polite and impudent, trusting and provident with the same strength. Does hair color affect character so much? The answer is yes!

Every man should know that if he decides to date girls with auburn hair, then he should prepare for a storm of different emotions. However, if he withstands all the tests, in return he will receive tenderness, trust, affection, and love.

Dating an attractive woman with auburn hair

Auburn hair girls in professional life

Most auburn-haired ladies are creative people who are easily able to fulfill their potential. By nature, the girl with auburn hair has a balanced personality and will effortlessly find her way through any situation and approach any problem with composure. Sociable, lovely girls, always ready for new acquaintances and new discoveries. A girl with auburn hair may find it very hard to cope with monotonous routine work.

Such women do not consider themselves particularly beautiful, relying more on their wits, and this is a key reason why they are generally not as attractive to men.

Family life

They say that auburn hair girls are most often married! That’s because these women have a soft, balanced character. They shed warmth and serenity, so men are calm and comfortable with them. These ladies are very sociable, and they can always find a suitable topic for conversation; they easily make new acquaintances. They are also characterized by resistance to stress, which helps out in emergency situations.