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All girls who have blue eyes are people with a pure and sincere soul. They are great romantics and are constantly in the clouds. Their fantasies can be envied. Besides, they create their feelings and live with them. These feelings are the most acute and, therefore, such girls mostly experience painful disappointments.

The only person who cannot be understood even by the eyes is a blue-eyed woman. Her eyes are so deep and clear, so they attract attention precisely by their depth that no one notices the feelings a woman with blue eyes is experiencing.

The gaze of a blue-eyed lady is so naive and heartfelt that everyone with whom she has to communicate believes her unconditionally. And the only emotion that such a girl with blue eyes shows is resentment. And at such a moment, you want to protect her and ask for forgiveness to cheer up the interlocutor.

Blue eyes can be hot and sparkling, or as crequest as ice. And if such a beautiful blue-eyed woman is already looking at you with a crequest look, then you need to try very hard to earn her favor. The offense hidden by a woman with blue eyes lurks for a long time and is not forgotten for long.

Are girls with blue eyes naive?

There is a misconception that beautiful girls with blue eyes are very naive and gullible. There are even many anecdotes about this. But these are very smart people who only at first glance seem to be like that. These blue-eyed women are meticulous about their actions and are forward. But they cannot be called prudent either. Everything happens to them in moderation.

If you were to combine all of their abilities into one, you get an unpredictable person, moderately provident, moderately naive, moderately crequest, and moderately affable. The emotions of this person are so unpredictable that their partner will never get bored because solving this riddle is never easy.

Blue eye shades: light blue eyes

To determine the color and eyeshade, you need to take a good look in a mirror. If gray is also mixed with blue, then such eyes can be called gray-blue or light blue eyes, and such a person is characterized by both eye colors. To the changeability of a beautiful woman with blue eyes is added a mixture of love for the freedom of the gray-eyed. Such people do not like harassment. They need not only simple freedom but freedom of action.

Blue eye shades: dark blue eyes

Girls with dark blue eyes are too credulous and sometimes get into unpleasant situations. And even though they repeatedly make mistakes, they still continue to believe people, even those who deceived them.

The meaning of blue eyes

Blue is a cool shade. And therefore, the beautiful blue eyes of a girl are considered heartless. But these definitions are not always correct. Of course, blue-eyed people are distinguished by their cruelty and changeable character, but they can be sympathetic and kind.

Sexy women with blue eyes are moody in their attitude towards others. They can be cheerful and merry, and at the same moment, they change and become sullen and irritable. They are impulsive, but at the same time, they know how to think logically and make the right decisions.

People with blue eyes love to change everything and everywhere constantly. They quickly get bored with consistency. They are creators and thinkers; they are very talented. But that being said, their activity depends on their mood. But apart from everything, these people achieve everything in their lives by themselves.

Girls with blue eyes: peculiarities of temper

Pretty girls with blue eyes love attention and flirting. They are always in the center of male attention. They make acquaintances themselves, start flirting and dalliance, and they do not care that someone may suffer from this or that they cause pain to other people. These girls are selfish.

From a young age, blue-eyed beauties dream of a fairy-tale prince, but every year, they become pragmatic, and when choosing their life partner, rely on logic and intuition. They also differ in kindness, which often leads to the fact that they are simply used. But if they have discovered treachery or deception, they will not let such people near them again. Girls with blue eyes never forgive betrayal.

The history of blue eyes

In blue-eyed people, the cornea of the eye is very sensitive and has weak light filters. For this reason, people who live closer to the north have light eyes. And those who live closer to the south have dark corneas because southerners are more susceptible to the sun’s rays.

Girls with blue eyes are great dreamers and air-mongers. They constantly live in illusions. They look at the world through rose-tinted glasses. Blue-eyed women require constant attention from others. They cannot live without flirting and courtship. Such people feel deeply, and experience grievances. If you upset them, they remember it for a long time and almost do not forgive such an attitude.