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According to Buddhism, the desire to meet and connect with a partner is sacred. It is the desire to become whole and to raise our strength to a higher level. When a Buddhist has a partner, it automatically opens her heart, and she learns to love another person no less than herself. To love, to give, to serve another person is a sacred task for Buddhist women, and deep down they all want this.

Buddhist single women also believe they need to have a partner from an energy point of view. They believe that life energy, also called Prana in Indian and Chi in Chinese, flows through their bodies. The flow of this energy around the heart is impeded by three obstacles-rings, while the rest of the chakras are tightened by only one ring. Therefore, it is not easy to open the heart chakra (or just the heart). Also, each person has masculine and feminine energies. In women, female energy is dominant; in men, masculine energy is dominant. Thus, each of us lacks a balance of energies. We are drawn to a partner of the opposite sex because they make us more complete and balanced.

How do Buddhist single women meet their partners?

First of all, they create in their minds the partner they want. Moreover, they are very specific:

  • For example, it is crucial for them that their partner is calm, handsome, athletic, does meditation, and is ready to follow them anywhere.
  • Or they want a partner who is funny, smart, does yoga and is ready to support them in contributing to the world.
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Since Buddhist women have created their own ideal partner in their minds, they do not do what most people do in terms of dating. Outfits and cosmetics are not important when it comes to Buddhist online dating. People can dress beautifully and be lonely, or they can dress very simply and still have a partner.

How do Buddhist women retain their partners?

When a Buddhist woman meets a coveted partner, how does she manage to maintain the relationship? This is a familiar situation for many. We start Buddhist singles dating. The first week passes... the second week — everything is fine. And now a month passes, and we begin to notice individual shortcomings. Gradually, the list turns into a rather long one, and our partner becomes completely different from the ideal.

Then we start thinking to ourselves, “Maybe I have changed. Maybe I haven’t invested enough in the relationship to save it.” It turns out that this has nothing to do with it. The answer lies in one of the key concepts of Buddhism, which is “emptiness.” In our case, emptiness means the following: The partner does not exist by themselves. Everything that Buddhist women to date see in them is a product of their consciousness, and they need to plant the seeds of good Karma further.


When the seed germinates and a flower appears, the seed itself ceases to exist. The same thing happens with karmic seeds. The moment we meet our desired partner, the seed that allowed this to happen dies. And the relationship, like everything else in the world, ends.

What do Buddhist women do when this happens? They just learned to use those karmic seeds, the seedlings of which they want to see in their lives.

You can create good Karma, or you can create perfect Karma. What is the difference? In the first case, we unconsciously plant the seeds of good Karma, which germinate and end their existence there. Meanwhile, flawless or spiral Karma is created by us consciously.

Buddhist girls have trained themselves to create spiral Karma with their partners. After a while, we begin to take our chosen one for granted and stop planting good seeds that will prolong the Karma of our relationships. When dating Buddhist women, you may notice something they do in the morning before getting out of bed. Lying with their eyes closed, they touch their partner and for five minutes think about what they value him for. Then they thank him for being with them and ask him to continue to stay with them since they really need it.

This is how Buddhist girls maintain relationships:

  • They put their focus on the merits of their chosen one.
  • They are grateful for the relationship.
  • Mentally (or sometimes verbally) they ask the person to stay in their life longer.

Underlying principles of Buddhist dates

Dating for Buddhists is about four elements of love that make it true. Puzzle pieces must come together so that love sparkles with all its facets. There is nothing magical and supernatural about these elements, but they can bring real harmony when dating a Buddhist woman.

  • Maitri — kindness or benevolence. This is not only the desire to make someone happy but also the ability to put your thoughts into practice. You may have strong intentions to love someone, but the way you show your love can make them unhappy. You can use Maitri by peering into the person you love and developing a deeper understanding of who your loved one is as a person. By understanding the person you love, you can learn to love them. This understanding is based on their desires and problems. Take a little time to learn to respect and be considerate of your loved ones. Listen to their words and ask what they think and dream about. By learning as much as possible, you will open the door to their understanding of life and also learn to love these people in a more meaningful and deeper sense.
  • Karuna — the ability and desire to relieve the pain of others. This element is based on understanding the suffering of your loved ones. Only when you truly understand all their pain can you reduce and alleviate it. Practice meditation when dating a Buddhist girl. Learn to be aware of what upsets your better half and what you need to do to help and support them. Develop this element. Talk to your loved ones about their concerns by offering to help them. Open and free communication will help strengthen relationships.
  • Mudita — joy or happiness. This element of true love is one of the most important, and in a sense, it ties all four elements of love together. If there is no joy or happiness in love, then love is not true. If your love upsets you or hurts you, then you did not love at all, or you have already lost your feelings for them. Love must be strong. It should bring joy and happiness to those who feel it. When we love and enjoy it, our love grows stronger. When joy and happiness are absent, then love itself no longer exists. Take the time to do something that brings you and your loved one pleasure. This is what can help you feel joy within yourself, thanks to which you can share your feelings with your loved one. You must be able to find joy within yourself, just like loving each other with true love.
  • Upeksha — equal impartial attitude. When love is true, both people should have freedom and feel relaxed in the relationship. According to Buddhism, we must allow our loved ones to grow and develop exactly the way they want. Freedom makes a person self-sufficient. It must be present outside of the relationship as well. A person should have the right to freely share their ideas and thoughts with others without fear of judgment. Having freedom in a relationship is a sign of true love. You should be able to spend time away from your partner without feeling the need to check on them. Do what you like, what interests you. In your relationship, you can always discuss these activities and share the joy.

How do Buddhist women make relationships happy?

Just keeping your partner close to you is not enough. We all want a happy relationship. How do Buddhist girls make relationships happy according to the laws of Karma? Often, when we meet our life partners, we close ourselves off with them in a house behind a high fence. The relationship becomes about caring for children, education, food, and other similar things, and this kills the Karma of the relationship itself.

To keep the relationship happy, you need to create a new Karma, and this can only be done together with other people. For example, at the beginning of a relationship, it is a good idea to have fun together, go to the cinema, theater, restaurant, and then find poor, lonely, or sick people and help them together as a team. By doing this, we plant the seeds of a new Karma, which, like a wheel, will spin again and again. This is the path to happiness in relationships.

But there is an even higher level of relationships. Single Buddhist girls invite an angel into their lives in the form of a partner, and they see him as their Guru, their spiritual teacher. At first, it will take some effort, and it will probably feel unnatural. But Buddhists believe that the moment we begin to see a teacher in our companion, we plant in our consciousness the seeds of Karma, which will really turn them into a teacher. And after a while, our partner will start saying amazing things that will support our opinion that they are actually an extraordinary person and our mentor. When the heart opens, fear disappears and a vision of the future appears.