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In the period from June 22 to July 22, the Sun is in the first summer sign of the zodiac — Cancer. The main life cycles of the sign are ruled by the Moon, which arranges the mood changes of Cancer women, and from it, they get their famous sentimentality, mystery, and love. The moon is always reflected in Water, an element to which Cancers also belong. From this combination of two patrons, Cancer women draw wisdom, love, and secret knowledge. In the water, Cancer girls feel at home. It is the source of their vitality, energy, inspiration, and health.

Character of Cancer women

When communicating with a Cancer woman, it is worth considering that their mood changes very often. Astrologers associate this with their patron — the Moon: When it enters a new phase, something seems to shift in their behavior. Although such women are peaceful and try to avoid conflicts, only a narrow-minded person will call them soft — the Cancer woman has a solid inner core.

Cancer woman traits

If you are interested particularly in this zodiac sign, you should find out more about Cancer woman and how to behave with her. Let’s talk about different character features:

  • Advantages

    The main advantage for all Cancer women is love, maintaining a home, and being faithful to their family. For them, there is nothing more valuable than family traditions and an atmosphere of love.

    Also, representatives of this sign are very sensual, vulnerable, impressionable, and have an ultra-precise intuition, which can often be attributed to the category of mysticism. However, being next to her, others may not even recognize her strengths. You can trust the Cancer girl with secrets — they will remain between you. Cancers are understanding interlocutors. Being non-conflict people, they easily avoid unpleasant topics and cut sharp corners.

  • Disadvantages

    Cancer women in a foreign environment or with unfamiliar people can be withdrawn and may make a bad first impression. They do not reveal their true selves to everyone; you need to earn it. This often deprives them of unique opportunities, which, admittedly, quite often fall in their laps. However, it is quite easy to understand these Cancer woman traits.

Cancer woman in love

Love from a Cancer woman is a reward that few are worthy of, although Cancers often do not even think about it. They equally love men who adore them and men who hate them. Women of this sign do not know how to behave differently. Moreover, they often become victims of their own delusion that everyone loves in that way. This makes Cancer the most emotionally vulnerable of the 12 zodiac signs.

However, with the right chosen one, a Cancer's weak point becomes her strong point. A man who is able to provide her with equal parts love, sensuality, attention, and care will receive a hundred times more in return. It is important that he has the same need for feelings, otherwise the woman will bury him under tons of her love. Not everyone is able to withstand this, but there is no other way with a Cancer woman in relationships. Even when they hate, they still love!

What about a Cancer woman in bed?

If a man is interested in a Cancer woman sexually, he should not forget that she will never be proactive. She will never take the first steps. This is contrary to her nature. So, sometimes it is really difficult to recognize the signs a Cancer woman likes you. However, if such a woman is genuinely interested, then she will certainly express that to a man.

The chosen one of a Cancer woman needs to be patient. He should prove to his beloved that there is no point in prejudice and that she can be herself in bed. Then she will begin to open up and enjoy her intimate life. When she is liberated and feels free, she will forget about any restrictions in bed. This is a passionate nature, capable of becoming the ideal lover for her beloved one.

Dating a Cancer woman — what should you know

Cancer women can be quiet, stormy, and beautiful at the same time. She is similar to water and its behavior, because that is her element. Her status alternates at a breakneck speed — one moment she may be agreeable and caring, but in other moments she is cruel, vindictive, and touchy. No one should offend a vulnerable woman — if she does not take revenge, then after many years, the offender will be punished by fate itself.

If you are looking for a faithful, caring, and interesting spouse, then there is no better option than a Cancer woman. Yes, she will need attention, care, and protection, but so much warmth and understanding cannot be found in another sign. Dating a Cancer girl will be full of pleasure. She is sensual, cheerful, benevolent, and understanding. Of course, there are dark sides of the Moon, but they don’t matter because of how great these women are.