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Statistically, more than a third of the worldwide population is Christian. Regardless of the country you live in, you have likely met Christian women and perhaps even dated a Christian woman. When it comes to the influence of religion on a relationship between two people, the most essential factor is how rigorously a person, a Christian woman, in this case, follows the rules and canons of Christianity, as well as to which group of Christians she belongs.

In the contemporary world, the majority of people are provided the freedom to choose their religion (of course, there are exceptions, like in some Muslim countries). Therefore, people tend not to follow all the rules written in the Bible, especially in terms of relationships and marriage. But if you have met a religious lady and are wondering about the specifics of dating a Christian woman, let us focus on what the Holy Bible states about marriage. Every marriage between a man and a woman needs to be official not only legally but also religiously. And the main principles of dating a Christian woman will be based on her perception of marriage.

Dating a Christian Girl: What Is Her Goal in Life?

The Christian idea of marriage is based on the words of Jesus Christ that husband and wife should be considered as one organism. That is what His words "one flesh" mean. And Christians believe that when Jesus pronounced them, He stated that the lock and the key constitute a single mechanism and that the violin and the bow are one musical instrument. This is the foundation of marriage and the attitude toward relationships among Christian girls. In other words, there should be no relationships that will not lead to marriage.

Christian girl

Christian attitude toward sex

Jesus trequest people that the two halves of humans — males and females — were created to pair up, and not only for sexual intercourse; this union must be all-around. For Christians, the ugliness of sexual intercourse outside of marriage is that those who enter into it try to isolate one aspect of this union (sexual) from all others.

Meanwhile, the inseparability of a married couple is believed to guarantee a complete and perfect union. Christians do not view the pleasure of sex as more sinful than, let’s say, the pleasure of eating. But according to the Bible, one should not resort to either of these actions only as a source of pleasure: This is as unnatural as, for example, chewing food to enjoy the taste and then spitting it out.

Undeniably, the modern world has influenced romantic relationships. When dating a Christian girl, a man is typically not planning to marry her before having sex. And women also understand this. Nevertheless, if you are dating a Christian woman, it is important to understand how religious she is. Therefore, you need to understand how essential marriage is for her.

Christian attitude toward divorce

Christianity teaches that marriage is a union of two people for life. It is true that different churches have different opinions on this matter. Some don't allow divorce at all. Others allow it only in very specific circumstances.

It is sad that there is no agreement between Christians on such an important issue. But among themselves, the various churches agree on the issue of marriage much more than with the outside world. Any church views divorce as the amputation of a part of a living body, a kind of surgical operation. Some religions consider this operation so unnatural that they do not allow it at all. Others allow divorce, but only as a last resort in severe cases.

They all agree that divorce is more like the amputation of both legs than the dissolution of a business partnership. None of them accept the modern view of divorce, that it is a kind of necessary reorganization if there is no more love between the two partners or if one of them has fallen in love with someone else.

It is unnecessary to think about divorce when you are just thinking about Christian dating for marriage. However, it is essential to understand how the person you are dating perceives not only marriage but also divorce. Not every Christian has the same views about these topics So if you are dating a Christian woman, be sure to understand how essential this matter is for her and if she wants a church wedding.

Fidelity & divorce

When talking about dating a Christian woman, it is essential to mention the matter of divorce. But before we move on to the modern view of divorce and its connection with chastity, we should trace its connection with another virtue, namely, justice. This includes, among other things, fidelity. Everyone who gets married in the church makes a solemn public promise to be faithful to their partner until death.

The duty to restrain it does not depend specifically on the nature of the sexual relationship. A promise made when you are dating a Christian woman or at the beginning of a marriage is like any other. If, as our contemporaries say, sexual desire is no different from our other impulses, then it should be treated like any of them. Like any craving for excesses, it must be controlled. If one’s sexual instincts are painfully inflamed, then we must react to this especially carefully so that it does not lead to a dishonorable act, even when you are just dating a Christian woman.

While divorce itself is seen as a sin, it is also a violation of social relationships between people. If you date a Christian girl, it is worth remembering that loyalty is essential for them. Such a woman will remain faithful to her partner and husband in all aspects of their mutual life.

Dating a Christian Woman: Is Civil Marriage Possible?

For a contemporary person, there is no need to describe how useful it is for a couple to live in a civil marriage. Whether you are dating a Christian woman or a lady of a different religion, there are plenty of benefits, including:

  • Financial aspects, since in some countries officially married couples pay higher taxes;
  • Legal formalities are eliminated since, after the marriage, there is a lot of paperwork;
  • No complications in the case of separation since the two people just move out taking their belongings.

No wonder civil marriage is positively perceived by many people. But if you are dating a Christian woman, what about the Bible?


The popular idea these days that the only justification for marriage is love between spouses leaves no room for a marriage contract or marriage vows in the church. If everything is based on falling in love, the promise loses its meaning and should not be given. People in love have a natural tendency to bind each other with promises. Love songs all over the world are full of vows of eternal fidelity. Christian law does not impose on lovers anything that is alien to the nature of love but only requires them to take their passion for each other seriously. So, if you are dating a Christian woman, religion implies that there will be promises made between the two people.

Therefore, in Christian dating relationships, there is hardly room for a purely civil marriage. However, once again, when dating a Christian woman, it always depends on how religious the particular lady is.

Christian women and children

If you are dating a Christian woman with a strong belief in God, kids are most likely essential to her. In every relationship, such a woman will be looking for a potential marriage and the birth of children as a result. If you have a different point of view, before Christian woman dating, it is necessary to discuss the matter with your date.


Conclusive Words

It is true that a lot of modern people are not very religious. Even though a lot of men and women are looking for their own ways to build their lives, there are those who strictly follow the rules of a particular religion they belong to. If you are dating a Christian woman, no matter how religious she is, in terms of relationships with a man, she will undeniably appreciate and seek the following:

A loyal partner for life: Any Christian woman will not tolerate a partner’s infidelity, even if they are just dating.

A clear understanding of her future: Especially if she is religious, she needs to know that you both have the goal of starting a family.

Reassurance that the promises made by her man will be fulfilled: In every aspect of life, a woman wants to rely on the words of her man.

A shared opinion on children: Any marriage and union will be happy if the two people have the same views when it comes to having children.

Being respected and appreciated by her partner: Even though some may claim that Christianity is patriarchal, do not forget that God sees the two people as one. Even if a man is the main breadwinner and decision-maker, respect for his wife is par for the course.

If you are dating a Christian woman, it is essential that you share the same worldview and perception of normal. If this is the case, all other aspects of life will be in harmony between you.