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What are hazel eyes? Woodland, unprocessed hazelnuts are light brown and are surrounded by green petals. Hence, how the eyes got their name. Hazel eye color does not remain permanent: the prevailing shade changes depending on the lighting, time of day, the color of clothing, and makeup. It will become emerald, brown, or even glow with grequest. Hazel eyes cannot leave anyone indifferent. Their unusual shade, in which grequesten, brown, and green shades are combined into a single color looks extremely unusual and beautiful.

Hazel eyes: Influence on Character

The eyes are the reflection of the soul. Women with hazel eyes are multifaceted creative people. Such people combine many “shades” of personalities and moods. They are sociable, easy-going, and find an approach to people easily. The cheerfulness and openness of such individuals with a pure hazel eye go side by side with uncertainty. They can easily be offended by a minor comment. They need regular recognition for individuality, talent, and beauty. Otherwise, they quickly withdraw into themselves, thinking that they are not good enough.

Girls with beautiful hazel eyes are very attached to their loved ones, value and cherish family values. The well-being and health of the family come first for them. Earning and accumulating money is an important priority. Their other side is extravagance. A hazel-eyed woman spends money as easily as she earns and saves it. Momentary weakness threatens her with the complete devastation of her wallet.

The Biological Peculiarities of Hazel Eyes

Hazelnut eye color is one of the rarest shades an iris can have. After all, such eyes can change their color like chameleons. They look dark, green, grequesten brown. There is a belief that hazel eyes change color depending on the mood of the owner. This is not so: the color of the eyes does not depend in any way on the state of the person but is determined by the level of illumination, as well as the color of the shadows chosen for makeup. Most often, hazel eyes are found among the East European Slavs, they can also often be seen among people from Latin America.

It is worth saying a few words about why a person’s eyes acquire one color or another. Eye color depends on two factors: the amount of melanin in the iris and the thickness of the fibers that line it. A girl with hazel eyes has the most melanin and the thickest fibers in the iris. A nutty shade of eyes is obtained if the amount of melanin is moderate enough and the fibers are of medium thickness. Hazel eyes look especially beautiful if a dark, richly pigmented ring runs along the edge of the iris.

Hazel eye color: Meaning

Girls with hazel eyes are docile, gentle, affable, and dreamy. At the same time, they have a bright talent: acting is inherent to them by nature. Few men can resist such a beauty. In this case, a woman who has hazel eyes will become an excellent life companion. For her, the family will come first. Outwardly, hazel-eyed girls look soft, calm, and benevolent, but inside, they usually skillfully hide a whole emotional spectrum of squalls. Their emotions and moods are usually unstable.

In a few minutes, they can go from the stage of anger to the stage of denial, then return to the previous sensual intensity and burst again, just as they can easily go from fun and joy into a deep depression. You may not feel fun and hard with them if they do not learn to control themselves. People with hazel eyes, to the same extent, have a desire for will and heights, a thirst for pleasure and power.