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The reign of the zodiac sign Leo is from July 23 to August 23. The governing planet is the Sun. Unlike in astronomy, this celestial body in astrology has the status of a planet, not a star. The Sun enhances the dominant qualities in women of this royal sign: leadership, domination, pride, and success. Looking at such a lady, one involuntarily wonders how much of a real lioness is in her: a stately gait, aristocratic manners, calm behavior. True, a real Leo woman looks down on those around her. But who can blame her when she is so gorgeous?

Leo women

Since childhood, a female Leo enjoys increased attention from others. She knows how to charm like none other: with uniqueness, beauty, and grace. She can’t stand to be alone. She needs to be in society and play an important role there.

All her days are scheduled: She always has a lot of things to do — a lot of plans and desires. Her confidence, combined with her brilliant mind, fascinates men. Leo women easily figure out the right way to behave in unfamiliar companies. They are sociable, but not too trusting. Such a woman is accustomed to receiving male compliments and is seen as a darling. Leo woman in relationships can be more complicated: She often becomes a fatal rival who steals men.

Leo woman traits

Leo women are really peculiar. Sometimes it is complicated to be with them. Let’s check out some Leo woman traits.


  • Spectacular appearance. The lioness intuitively feels how to highlight her advantages and hide her disadvantages. She is always stylish. Even in bad situations, she manages to look her best.
  • Kindness. Such a woman is just and noble. She will always come to the aid of those who need her.
  • Active lifestyle. By nature, she does not tolerate monotony and routine.
  • Desire to improve. A lady Leo strives for new knowledge and spiritual growth.
  • Creativity. She is happy to discover new talents in herself. She can make something great out of nothing.
  • Generosity. Fortune loves the Lioness and does not skimp on the good. Therefore, stinginess is not common in women of this sign. They share with a light heart, as they know that it will come back to them.


  • Narcissism. To some extent, this trait is characteristic of all "royal" persons. The main thing is not to cross the boundaries of reason.
  • Vanity. Much of this feeling is due to the worship of Leo woman beauty by men, which engenders faith in their exclusivity.
  • A tendency to show off. She knows how to demonstrate her positive traits.
  • Hot temper. A lioness is naturally prone to mood swings and violent emotional outbursts. So, it is better to know what a Leo woman likes and dislikes in advance.

Leo woman in love

The Leo woman has a constant need to love and be loved. When she finds her other half, she is able to lose her head and completely surrender to her passion. Falling in love easily, she takes treason extremely hard. However, her natural temperament takes its toll: Very soon, instead of tears, an expression of new love appears on her face. The representative of this sign chooses a life partner for a long time, relying on a crequest calculation rather than on the call of the heart. This is a real Leo woman in love.

Leo woman in bed

The chosen one of a Leo woman should understand that she is very confident in her own potential and capabilities. She will not go out of her way to seduce him. In her opinion, light flirting, sophisticated play, and ambiguous hints are enough to conquer a man. This person will not display her own sexuality. She already perfectly understands how attractive and desirable she is.

Another thing about Leo woman: In bed, she does not seek to demonstrate her emotions. Her inner instinct tells her that the reaction of men to her is always very strong. For this reason, the representative of this zodiac sign does not attract additional attention to herself. She can playfully look at a man, and her goal will be achieved.

The Leo woman cannot be called particularly original. In bed, she will not surprise her partner. He should be satisfied enough that his beloved knows how to kiss correctly. She expresses her own feelings and emotions in traditional ways. She does not understand the need for experiments and variety if her partner will experience pleasure regardless.

During intimacy, the Leo woman likes to dominate. At the same time, she is satisfied with equality with her spouse in everyday life. She likes gentle and unhurried caresses. The representative of the sign gets turned on when a man caresses her and talks about the beauty of her body. The most important thing is for him to constantly admire her and voice all his thoughts in bed.

Dating a Leo woman

A Leo woman in relationships is caring and loving, but you need to understand the following: If her ambitions are satisfied, she will become an excellent wife — benevolent, positive when it comes to communication, and a good mother and housewife. A Leo as a wife can be completely trusted. She will always defend family values and remain faithful. Natural prudence and decency will not allow her to destroy the union because of a frivolous hobby. After getting married, she becomes even more inaccessible for her many admirers.