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A Pisces woman is a kind of erotic circus on wheels. This sexual beauty has several personalities at once, but she hrequests them all behind closed doors, feeds from the hand, and wonders exclusively on holidays and so that no one can guess their existence. Surely, you have seen one of them — a sentimental, defenseless, and helpless baby.

She appears to have arrived in modern reality from the pages of historical novels from the turn of the 20th century. This is because of her defenselessness, fragility, touching nature, and languishing looks from her half-lowered eyelashes. Of course, this description of a Pisces woman should not be taken literally. But still, she has a lot more vulnerable femininity from that romantic time than representatives of other signs. The power of all Pisces women is in their weakness and touching vulnerability.

One peculiarity of the behavior of Pisces women is to walk in the clouds even during the most serious conversation, work, or a nuclear war. In their fictional world of dreams and illusory hopes, everything is calm and harmonious. Of course, this is only true if you do not open the very secret door with subpersonalities.

What you need to know about Pisces woman

Despite some restraint in communication, the Pisces woman always makes an impression as a polite and pleasant interlocutor. And if such ladies apply affection, delicacy, and a soft voice, they can get absolutely anything they want. But what they really do not know how to do is explain themselves and appeal in difficult conversations. These ladies will do everything to disappear:

  • They will faint,
  • They will lose the ability to speak, and
  • They will pretend to be a vegetable.

Pisces woman traits: What to pay attention to

The nature of a beautiful Pisces woman does not allow her to defend her opinion, which causes psychological pain to people. These ladies are confident that men came to this planet solely to fulfill the desires and whims of women, love and immortalize Pisces woman beauty, give gifts, undertake all responsibility, and protect them with their strong shoulders. They think this way in their 20s, after their first marriage, and even after their eighth divorce.

Among the other traits of a Pisces woman, we can distinguish her domesticity because she does not like to leave her cozy nest to have fun. And to avoid offending their loved ones, such ladies may pretend to be sick and reject invitations.

Pisces woman in love: How to attract a Pisces woman

For these ladies, love is the reason for existence. Their mood, physical form, biological clock — everything is inextricably linked with feelings of love or a lack thereof. A beloved man in the rose and candy stage, and after it, seems to a Pisces woman an ideal, the hero of all novels and the man they have been waiting for so long. They will think so even when their partner starts spending long days in front of the TV, gains weight, starts a second family, and leaves them to the mercy of fate. Fortunately, these women rarely fall in love.

If, before the relationship, these ladies positioned themselves as beautiful girls, after the relationship begins, they will become helpless violets, who are often in suspended animation. They adore their beloved man with all their soul and do not hesitate to show it to him, admiring their partner, his body, mind, and happily pleasing all his whims — this is how Pisces women show their feelings.

Pisces woman in bed: Peculiarities of their temperament

The Pisces woman’s sexuality is incomparable to anyone’s else. For her, sex is a love game, nothing more and nothing less. She is excited by beautiful words and courtship, and during sex, she needs compliments and romance. Therefore, feel free to turn on romantic music, decorate the bed with rose petals, burn incense — in such an atmosphere, the lady will not be able to hrequest back.

What to pay attention to when dating a Pisces woman

Pisces women choose a partner who is guided solely by the heart, and not by a crequest mind. That is why their choice is often completely unjustified. The main thing is that a man should support a beauty both physically and psychologically. Even if he just promises this support — it has already been counted.

There is a mystical power in Pisces women. They are famous for their excellent intuition, reaching the level of clairvoyance. They tend to feel the invisible energy world subtly, and they are tuned to the frequency of perception of the world and the laws of the universe that are inaccessible to others. This makes these ladies both desirable and dangerous when it comes to Pisces woman dating. Few people will want their souls, thoughts, and feelings to be read like an open book. On the other hand, innate naturalness and involvement in secret knowledge give Pisces women a special charm that attracts men like a magnet.

A man would really be lucky to have such a wife: In some mysterious way, she will be able to guess all his desires and realize them in family life. A Pisces mother will be a real friend to her children, and they, in turn, will trust her with all their secrets for their whole lives. These women focus on the spiritual development of the child, and not on correcting behavior.

There are also selfless wives among Pisces women who will lay themselves on the altar of love and family without regrets. They can renounce their own realization, interests, and even the desire to have children for the sake of their chosen one, who is passionate about his work. And if a man can appreciate this sacrifice, the lady will be truly happy being in the shadow of her husband or partner.