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Girls with red hair are also called ginger or redheads. Their hair color has something to do with the genetic mutation of the MCR1 gene. These women are rare because their population is not that large, and dating one with blue eyes is like having a unicorn!

There are a lot of misconceptions about women with red hair, some of which are request but continue today. When dating a redhead, here are a few things you should know:

  • They are thermal sensitive;
  • Their skin color changes during winter and summer;
  • They are sensitive to pain and respond differently to anesthetics;
  • Freckles are natural to them.

Red hair girls are easy to spot from a crowd. Because of the beliefs people have about them, it is not surprising to find people staring. You should get used to this attention when dating redheads and the curiosity that comes with the behavior.

How to Date Red Haired Women Successfully

Setting a date with pretty girls with red hair requires a lot of sensitivity. Well, if you didn’t know, they produce adrenaline faster than others, making them short-tempered. Of course, it has to be triggered by something, and you do not want to be the trigger. Avoid asking them unrealistic questions like everyone else as that can be a turnoff.

Always find a conducive dating spot when hanging outdoors. Also, invest in good sunscreen lotions. Women with red hair cannot withstand the hot sun for long, so you may want to look for a place with a nice shade too. Sunscreens become handy on beach dates.

Although hot red hair girls are conspicuous, they are also susceptible to verbal attacks. It is something they have grown used to and have grown a thick skin for that. However, you should be ready to defend your girl from such attacks to reassure her you still care.

Selfish comments to a beautiful red hair woman such as “dating a redhead have been on my bucket list” will get you booted on the first date. Redheads have their ego and wouldn’t stand being used for non-mutual benefits. Who likes being taken advantage of by some random stranger anyway?

What is it Like to Actually Date Sexy Red Hair Women?

Dating pretty girls with red hair is actually exciting, and when in a romantic relationship, magical. They are not always throwing tantrums. Instead, they tend to love and care more. Ginger heads can make you want them as your only type once you date them.

When dating a girl with red hair, you notice her connection with other redheads even when they don’t know each other. The connection comes in naturally, and there is nothing to feel jealous about when your woman greets a few ginger heads when they meet. It’s strange, but that is how they are.

You become “addicted” to her company. Red hair women have unique characteristics that make you want to always be around them. They smell great and their libido is on another level. They are hardworking and smart too, a combination that can bewitch anybody dating a beautiful red hair girl.

Although hot red hair women are rare, they are available, not extinct. Are you wondering where you can find and meet a few? The internet has them closer to you. Try online dating and spot a few pretty girls with red hair. Interact with them and see whether you can make a perfect match.