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A Taurus woman is a riddle that is more difficult to decipher than learning Chinese. If you have irrevocably decided to understand this woman, then get ready to sacrifice the best years of your life, psychological health, and faith in a better to do this.

A bright, fascinating, and beautiful Taurus woman plays with men as if they are her personal puppets and she is the only living woman on the planet. And, surprisingly, men serve her with special pleasures, counting on her gentle smile, afraid to think about something more. She is beautiful, energetic, and charming. This quite often causes an acute attack of envy among other women, who wonder “Why are Taurus so attractive?” With age, Taurus women only become more beautiful.

A Taurus woman personality: What you need to know

She is always reserved, measured, and thoughtful. But inside her lives a liberated rebel who does not mind getting out whenever the body relaxes a little. She will deny all social foundations in the most creative form, such as:

  • An ambiguous picture,
  • An indecent poem,
  • A provocative dance.

Of course, in the morning, the Taurus girl honestly admits that it was her alter ego, and she had nothing to do with it.

Her good nature, angelic patience, and appearance of an ideal woman end when the encroachment on her self-esteem begins. When this happens, she will not hesitate to force tears from people’s eyes with insults or pour hot coffee in their face — this is what you should know about Taurus women when you offend them.

A Taurus woman in a relationship

The Taurus woman is very dependent on aesthetic and sensual pleasure; she has a romantic nature. These features make her approachable to men who know a lot about female psychology. Taurus ladies can easily be fascinated by an appropriately and skillfully selected atmosphere, music, a glass of expensive wine, and a breathtaking landscape.

Although Taurus women are materialistic, they, like no one else, know how to appreciate impressions. Of course, you should not hope that representatives of this sign will prefer a diamond ring to a sunset view from a tent in the most fabulous forest. But they will definitely show off this unusual pastime to their friends, and they will allow their admirer to seek their favor for a “special occasion.”

A Taurus woman in love

Despite the soft nature of the Taurus woman, because of jealousy, she will regularly interrogate you. And so that your life does not turn into a daily showdown, it is necessary to appease a Taurus not only with compliments but also with appropriate actions.

In turn, she is ready to please her partner with culinary masterpieces and surprise him in the bedroom — this is how the Taurus woman shows her feelings. Therefore, every man who is lucky enough to be dating a Taurus woman turns from a macho man with muscles into a soft, lazy cat with a belly under the fur.

A Taurus woman in bed

Despite the overwhelming Taurus woman’s sexuality, she will not go to bed with you at the snap of your finger. You need to win her heart first. And do not think that she is conservative and modest. No, she is still that minx who is happy to arrange erotic experiments, but she values and respects herself much more than sex, especially with a man she does not know.

For a Taurus woman in bed, the act itself is essential, but so is the scenery:

  • Candles,
  • Romantic music,
  • Beautiful underwear,
  • Dimmed lights.

These little things can turn her on much faster than her partner.

What to pay attention to when dating a Taurus woman

When it comes to love, Taurus women are very conservative, and often their ideas about relationships border on request-fashioned. In feelings, they do not accept half steps. If it is true love, it will certainly be like a Romeo and Juliet story. Taurus women are very demanding in love, but they give in completely to this feeling. If the relationship does not develop according to their ideal scenario, they may seek solace in parties, food, or affairs.

Having an extraordinary talent for harmonizing family relationships, creating comfort, and keeping hearth and home, as a rule, they manage to keep a marriage with one partner for the rest of their lives. The only thing that is hard for a Taurus to come to terms with is a breach of faith. But given the tendency of members of the sign for painful and often groundless jealousy, it may well be far-fetched.

She will also become ideal for her children: She will come to the rescue whenever the baby injures a finger or gets scared of an evil monster under the bed, but she will not get overly involved in the child’s personal life. And that is right — some things are better not to know.