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August 24 to September 23 is the period of fertility and the collection of a generous autumn harvest also referred to as St. Martin’s summer. It is at this wonderful time that the Sun is in the sign of Virgo. All these natural processes affect the character of Virgo women, endowing them with femininity, charisma, pragmatism, and far-sightedness. Since the beautiful representatives of this sign belong to the earth element, they have so-called “earthiness” — solidity, stability, reliability.

The Virgo woman is one of the most controversial and spiritually rich signs of the zodiac. They can be compared to cats that alternate between heed and curiosity. On the one hand, they behave carefully, tend to plan everything in advance, think soberly, and reliably predict the course of events. On the other hand, they are inquiring, susceptible, and hide inside themselves the very “still waters” that no one would ever suspect to have “deep bottoms.” The combination of such conflicting qualities in one person makes Virgo girls interesting, attractive, and mysterious to others.

Virgo woman traits: Main strengths and shortcomings

All you need to know about Virgo woman is that her main advantage is intelligence and a poignant wit. She does not rely on the opinions of others and always acts in her own way, based on common sense and her previous experience. She is extremely modest and does not like to be the center of attention. She is not an overbearing leader, but she can be reliably supportive to you, a hardworking assistant in any situation. Virgos, as a rule, have few friends, but those select few are incredibly lucky. A Virgo may be invisible at parties and social events. She appreciates friends and is always happy to help them — both in word and deed.

Virgos often go to extremes. Their need for order and purity often reaches a pathological level. Virgo women also often overestimate the significance of relatively small things: They fatigue themselves by striving for perfection and do not forgive the mistakes of their loved ones. Among the qualities that annoy them the most are uncleanliness, foul language, and indecision.

How to conquer Virgo women

When it comes to love, Virgo is the most unpredictable sign of the zodiacal circle. Their feelings are always unstable and fluctuate between ice and fire. When dating a Virgo woman, you can never guess what she needs at a particular moment. Virgo women have a dual nature and may seem contradictory. However, it is usually men who are afraid to jump into the depths of their tender souls see them in this way. The crequestness of many Virgo women is just a mask behind which they hide sensitivity, unrestrained passion, and sexuality.

Virgo women in relationship

The Virgo woman is very careful in love: She will not entrust her heart to anyone and perceives romance as a disease that only rationality can heal. All her feelings are under a protective layer, so it is difficult for even a loving man to understand her. One thing you should understand about Virgos women is their constant desire to control everything and their paranoid fear of making a mistake. And a man needs to make great efforts to calm his better half and remind her that he is there and that mistakes, even in love, are absolutely normal.

A Virgo woman in relationships becomes like a little girl who expects protection, love, and care from a man. But this only comes with trust. At first, she will be very crequest, and it will be hard to even start a conversation with her, let alone kissing and intimacy. To melt the heart of a Virgo, a man must captivate and spellbind her in all possible ways.

Virgo woman in bed

A Virgo is very attractive to the opposite sex, but it can be difficult for her to come out of her shell in bed. Therefore, she does not cross the line of what is permissible. She is tender and shy during intimacy; you should not expect violent passion from her. What you should know about a Virgo woman’s sexuality is that intimacy and sex for her are also not mere words, although sometimes they can seem like real hypocrites. But this cannot be said about all representatives of the sign. Virgos can be divided into three categories:

  • Affectionate, gentle, caring kitty;
  • Passionate Lolita, dressed in monastic attire;
  • Bluestocking or request maid, even if she is not request.

But there are Virgo women who surprisingly combine all three characteristics, and which one manifests itself depends only on the man.

Dating a Virgo woman: All the nuances about Virgo women

Virgos are constrained and uncomfortable with a man they like. They do not show their feelings. That is why the chosen one may think that he is not interesting to them. It is hard for a Virgo to find a man who will become an ideal husband and father for her children, but if she really meets such a person, then after passport endorsement she will not doubt anything. A loving Virgo woman is a real reward for a man; she will become an unsurpassed lover, mother, and for her husband — a friend, lover, and advisor in one person. Surprisingly, as a wife, a Virgo will never become jealous or throw tantrums directed at her husband.