Never been married Anna 25y.o. from Donetsk 42610

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5'6''-5'7'' (166-170 cm)


50 kg 110 lbs - 55 kg 121 lbs

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Dark brown


Hotel restaurant business





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Never been married







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Confectionery manufacturing

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from 29 to 58 years old

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Create family


Each person has their own special character. Even if it seems to you that you understand what character a person has, most likely it is not so. The personality of a person is multifaceted, there is no unequivocally good or bad person. We all have these traits, only in different proportions.It seems to me that I have a very contradictory character and the more mature I become, the more facets open up. But some features remain unchanged. For example, I hate lies and hypocrisy. Seeing that a person is lying, I want to shout, object! Mom says that I have a heightened sense of justice - but is that bad? I myself try to help others and I believe that anyone should help and protect a loved one.I also think I have a good sense of humor. Friends often tell me that I'm having fun. I have many friends, so you can say that I am outgoing and friendly. Friends help me when I'm sad or when I just want to chat. I think that the people with whom I communicate will be able to better describe my character. After all, character is not only a set of qualities - it is also a person's attitude to something. And who can spot your behavior if not your best friend!I love outdoor activities. My friends and I often go ice skating and skiing. Very often, my mother laments that she did not send me to professional sports, I would certainly have achieved heights. I like being in the center of events, meeting new people, making acquaintances. I very easily find contact and topics of conversation with a stranger. Friends say that this is a very cool character trait.Of course, I also have moments when I don’t want to go anywhere, but I just want to be alone. At these moments, a book becomes my friend, especially I like adventures.I have a very temperamental character, and that is not always a good thing. For example, because of this, it is difficult for me to study, but I try. I like being the best, even though this is not always the case. Activities that require perseverance often just annoy me. Of course, I understand that this is bad, because no one likes evil and negative people.Hopefully I can fix the bad features and only get better. I am sure that everyone working on their character will be able to make big changes and make themselves and the world a better place.


I have been going to dances for 2 years, but during this time I managed to fall in love with them. At first, I had doubts, but now, I would never stop going there.I have already performed 3 times, and we took only prizes.

Her Type of Man

It is not so easy to imagine for yourself the image of your future ideal spouse, having before your eyes only the experience of your parents, which is often not very successful. But as they say, one should learn from other people's mistakes in order not to allow them in one's own life. What is the ideal spouse for a modern person? First of all, he must love his other half, love for real, without restrictions and conventions. And to love means to be able to forgive. That is, there should be complete mutual understanding and trust between the spouses, based on love and respect. Moreover, respect in some cases may even be much more important than love. After all, the passion of the first years of life passes, but respect remains. The ideal spouse should be an accomplished person, without bad habits, but maybe with cute, touching flaws. He must love children and be able to find a common language with them. Be caring and thoughtful, take on some of the housekeeping responsibilities and participate in family planning. He must be educated and intelligent, and of course the ideal spouse must be handsome.


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