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Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if a girl is interested in you. Is she always so cute, or is she just trying to flirt with you? How to know if a girl cares about you? This is a question that so many men ask themselves. In this Brides4Love blog post, you will find out the signs she deeply cares about you and is interested in a relationship with you. We are also going to list some of the ways to determine if a girl is trying to play with you. The more informed you are, the better you will understand women. So, let’s get started.

signs she is interested in you

How to Tell If Someone Cares About You

Let’s say there is a girl in your life who is amazingly charming to you, but you just cannot understand her. Is she just being polite or is she flirting with you? Things get very complicated if she sends mixed signals.

Not all of us are pick-up masters who can easily determine whether a woman finds them attractive based on subtle signs she is interested. Besides, some women are simply impossible to read. This guessing game can be very exhausting. But there are some signs that can help you identify whether a girl likes you or not.

Always remember that everyone is different. Below, we have provided the signs she cares about you, but treat them as indications, not guarantees. The more of these signs you notice in the behavior of a girl of interest, the more likely it is that she actually thinks that you are a wonderful person and may even want to date you. So, go ahead and analyze her behavior, but don't drive yourself crazy.

1. She likes talking to you

This signal can be difficult to interpret. Some girls who like you will smile broadly during your conversations. But sometimes a woman will feel nervous and overwhelmed, trying to avoid eye contact when she cares about you.

Also, pay attention to whether she is ever looking to initiate a conversation with you, or if you are always the one who does it. Is she just standing there, waiting for someone to talk to her? And when you talk to her, does she smile and seem to enjoy it? Does she behave differently than usual?

2. She is always there

In a situation where she doesn't need to be around you, is she usually less than five meters away from you during a lunch break in the office? Is she always there, even if you haven't set up a date with her or anything like that? Is she also going to concerts or bars on the weekend that you mentioned during the week?

This may well indicate that she cares about you. It makes sense that people who find you attractive are also looking for your company — this is how women give you the opportunity to talk to them.

3. She laughs at your jokes

Even if your jokes aren’t very funny, is she the first to laugh? Does almost every sentence you say make her giggle? This is a pretty clear sign that she likes you.

How to tell if she likes you

4. Pay attention to her eyes

Is she avoiding eye contact? Some girls find it uncomfortable to look into the eyes of the man they like because they don’t want to get caught looking at him. Others will deliberately seek your gaze and then maintain eye contact clearly. And if she even smiles, then this is a pretty clear signal that she is interested in you.

5. She notices your presence

Even if she subtly changes her behavior when she notices that you are entering the room, that can tell a lot. Suddenly she sits upright, moves more gracefully, and smiles at you, obviously welcoming you warmly. All of this may mean that she likes you a little more than other people.

6. She smiles warmly at you

As mentioned in the previous point, a smile that comes from the heart can mean a lot. But only if she smiles at you sincerely and warmly. Either she is generally a friendly person, or you make her smile. If you want to know how to tell if someone cares about you, figure out which of those two options it is. A girl who is usually smiling might not be interested in you.

7. She touches you

If she often touches you, especially by chance, seeks contact, or even loves to hug you, then she most likely really likes you; unfortunately, this can be purely platonic too. It also depends a lot on how she touches you.

8. Pay attention to clues from her friends

If her friends behave in a different way when you are around or ask you what you think of her, they may know a lot more. For example, if her friends leave you alone to talk, or intentionally sit separately from the girl you are interested in, then she might have told them about her feelings for you. Or maybe she even talks about you regularly, and her friends want her to win your heart. If they giggle, smile, or watch the two of you interact, they know she is interested in you.

9. She waits for other people to leave and then talks to you

Does she wait for others to leave so she can talk to you quietly? This way, neither of you will be distracted by other people. Does she do this for relatively minor conversations? Perhaps this is all much more subtle, so you barely notice it. However, this behavior is usually one of the signs she cares about you.

10. She begins to be interested in the same things as you

Do you love football, video games, anime, or art? Perhaps previously, she paid little attention to one of your hobbies, but now she seems to be interested in it. In that case, it is likely that she does all this just to look more interesting to you or in order to have topics for conversation with you.

11. She plays with her hair

Some consider this sign to be more of a myth, while others say that it is completely justified. Some girls just touch their hair habitually, but some may play with it to look more seductive. So, you need to pay close attention if you want to understand which is true in this case.

12. She is looking for ways to get your attention

Women are more subtle when they want to interest someone they like. They often try to make themselves very beautiful, put on new and appealing outfits in your presence, or always have a completely different posture next to you than they usually do.

Does she stand a little differently, or look especially sexy? If she does something like this in your presence or during a conversation with you, then almost certainly she is interested in you.

13. She gets nervous in your presence

As mentioned, the nervousness that occurs when you are around can be a sign that she is interested in you. But how can you recognize if she is nervous? Here are some signals:

  • She touches her face frequently while talking to you,
  • She blinks quite often,
  • She purses her lips, or, as mentioned, plays with her hair, etc.

These can all be signs of excitement. This may mean that she likes you.

14. She interrupts her conversations with others to talk to you

This is relatively self-explanatory. For example, if she is talking to friends and you enter the conversation, she puts you in the spotlight as soon as possible. This usually means that she really likes you. So, if she has the option to talk to someone else but she prefers to talk to you, that's a big plus.

15. She listens to you attentively

Does she weigh your every word and also remember what you said to her? Then she definitely likes you.

16. She does not talk to other men when you are around

Pay attention to how a girl talks to other guys. First of all, you will understand her typical behavior. Also, if she looks a bit embarrassed when she talks to another man and you enter a room and tries to end the conversation as soon as possible, this could be a sign of affection.

17. She pays attention to how you react

When she says something to a group of people, and you are among them, does she look at you to see how you react? Is your opinion essential to her? This usually means that you matter a lot to her. So, she may even ask what you think.

18. She gets irritated when you are with another woman

Some people believe that when a girl gets jealous it means she cares about a man. It is impossible to deny that this is true. If she looks unhappy when she finds out that you communicate with girls online or sees you with another woman, this might mean that she likes you. In the second situation, however, her reaction could also be caused by the fact that she dislikes that specific woman. So, once again, don’t assume based on this one sign.

Signs she cares about you

Signs She Is Playing With You

The main signs she doesn't care about you by which you can determine whether a girl is playing with your feelings have a very specific framework. Girls often use men as a fallback when deciding between multiple people. Giving preference to one, the second becomes an object of playing on feelings. However, a girl may be insecure and keep you as a backup option.

So, here are the main signs that she doesn't care about you:

  1. She's getting closer and then unexpectedly she becomes as cold as an iceberg: These are not emotional swings. Most likely, this girl is not sure about her feelings for you.
  2. She speaks fondly of other guys: Or even worse, about a particular guy. She might be warm with you, but what about the other man? Pay attention to this.
  3. She remembers you when she needs something: Does she often need you around to help her? Are you her rescuer and lifesaver in every situation? Of course, a man should take care of his beloved, but being used is a different story.
  4. She is in no hurry to sleep with you: How long have you been together? Are you trying to move to the next level in the relationship? Does she allow you to? Think about this. A woman interested in a man is interested in being with him in every way. Plus, the rule of 20 dates sounds hilarious.
  5. She laughs at you: Teasing each other in a friendly manner can be cute. But this is more acceptable for a couple in a relationship. If you are still not sure how to define the relationship and she often mocks you, it is unlikely she is interested in you.
  6. She is looking for reasons to fight, and you are the one to ask for forgiveness: Are you always the one to say sorry? If a girl takes every opportunity to quarrel with you, she does not appreciate your relationship.
  7. She doesn't care about your problems: A girl who cares for a man wants to support him and become his true friend. If she is not interested in your problems, she will not make you happy.
  8. She is only concerned about herself when you decide to break up with her: So, you have understood that your relationship has no future and decided to leave her. And now she becomes caring and wants you back (check point 1 again).

Signs she doesn’t care about you

Signs She Cares About You Are Crucial to Notice

If you like a girl and want to know if it is mutual, pay attention to her behavior. Quite likely, using the above signs, you will be able to understand how to tell if she cares about you.

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