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According to numerous studies, it is believed that the key to a long, prosperous life is not the daily consumption of beets and unpalatable celery juices but something much more pleasant — dating a much younger woman. These conclusions were reached by researchers from Stockholm University and employees of the British Office for National Statistics.

If you suddenly realize that you want to take this advice and start dating someone younger but do not quite understand how exactly, we have some fundamental rules for you to follow to have a healthy relationship with a younger girl.

  1. Take her seriously. Do not treat it like a casual affair. Many men, when they start dating a younger girl, behave rather heedlessly. They may text once a week at 3 in the morning, appearing like a thunderbolt out of thin air. This should not be the case if you want your union to be strong and reliable. Give the girl enough attention to make her feel truly loved and needed.
  2. Your relationship should not be based solely on sex. Of course, sex is essential, but you should not make it the focal point of a relationship. For your union to be harmonious, you should not forget about the romance and intellectual connection. Otherwise, the young lady will think you are not interested in her because she is too silly.
  3. Be prepared for the fact that people may judge you. Very often, when people see a couple with a noticeable age difference, they have two thoughts:
    • He is her sugar daddy;
    • He is her father.
    Therefore, you should not be surprised if someone criticizes you or throws disapproving glances at you. If your girlfriend is uncomfortable with this, try to explain to her that the ignorance of strangers should not interfere with your relationship.

Women who like older men: What are they guided by?

Couples of the type “older men, younger women” are a subject of heightened public interest. Such lovers receive a lot of sidelong glances. Everything is more or less clear about the man’s reasons for entering the relationship. But what is the woman guided by? Why does she need such a union?

Dating people 10-15 years older than yourself requires special skill: It is easy to communicate with your peers because you think the same way, but it is quite another thing to attract the attention of an older person who knows more than you and to interest him and communicate on his level. This is, first of all, communication with a person whose life experience allows him not to say obvious things out loud, since, being guided by his knowledge, he can draw the correct conclusions quickly.

dating younger women

In general, younger girls with older men agree that such a union is a valuable and enjoyable life experience that helps them develop on one hand, and relieve themselves of some responsibility for their lives on the other. The sense of security that a mature companion provides makes it clear that he is not going to mansplain, as may be the case with peer relationships.

Younger women dating older men — why?

Ever since school days, everyone remembers that girls develop faster than boys physiologically and, as a result, psychologically. While classmates awkwardly pull their peers by the braids and demonstratively communicate only with each other, many of the girls are drowning in romantic dreams about the history teacher. This trend persists until about 23-25 years old: Peers are not very interesting, and girls choose mature men instead.

Young guys cannot provide fatherly love and care, as they themselves want to be loved. But in “old men young women 2021” couples, a mature man may well meet the needs of a girl and treat her not only with masculine but also paternal love. Such men may even direct their love, not to their children and grandchildren, but their young companions.

Older man, younger woman relationship

Why do women like older men? The reason is evident: A mature man is capable of making their dreams come true. Older men tend to have a rich history of sexual relationships and enough resources to satisfy almost any whim of a young partner. These benefits attract young girls like a magnet. Besides, an adult man knows how to make a woman feel comfortable in his company, and life together.

Older man younger woman relationship in detail

Psychologists say that the optimal age difference between spouses should be about 5-7 years, but quite often you find couples in which a man is 10, 15, or even 20 years older than the woman. When choosing a potential husband, young ladies are guided by the following factors:

  • The experience of the partner. A mature man is attractive not only because of the sense of security and material wealth but also because of his experience. He knows how to resolve conflicts without unnecessary tantrums, understands that he can please or upset his life partner, and is more skillful in bed.
  • Social status. When creating a family with an older man, a woman does not need to wait for him to build his career, buy a car, and buy a house or apartment. Meanwhile, a young husband is still at the very beginning of his path of becoming a self-sufficient man. So a young wife can calmly take care of herself and the children and devote time to her hobbies without worrying that the family will not have enough money.
  • Emotional stability. Mature males are confident in themselves: They know what they want from the relationship and what they need to do to create a strong family. They are not characterized by mood swings and spontaneity of judgments. Often they have already had a long-term relationship or marriage, so they have an idea of how to build a relationship with their beloved properly.

Benefits of dating an older man

So, why can a relationship with an older man make a girl incredibly happy?

  1. He is more serious and experienced than her peers. That is, he knows how to hear a woman and her wishes better, give her pleasure, read between the lines, and iron out difficulties in communication, which is sometimes lacking in young men.
  2. He is more reliable in terms of money. Mature men dating a younger woman in 2021 are not as wasteful and usually can stand firmly on their feet.
  3. He knows how to value relationships. Typically, he has already burned himself a couple of times in previous relationships and has been able to analyze his mistakes in love matters.
  4. He is less impulsive and impetuous when dealing with women. And now, he will try to do everything right so that his beloved remains happy with him. He is less likely to be unfaithful. According to statistics, in unions where a man is dating a younger woman, cases of adultery are very rare. It just does not make sense when a woman is fresh and young. In addition, noisy parties are no longer as exciting for an older man and therefore are reduced to zero.
  5. He will be a good father. Compared to younger men, mature dads often take great pleasure in playing with their children. This is especially true when it is his long-awaited firstborn — he will move mountains for you because of this! And if he already has children from previous relationships, he can safely be entrusted with diapers, feeding, and walks.

Why do older men like younger women?

Often the choice of a young companion is unconscious in men. Who does not like an attractive girl? But there are plenty of other reasons men prefer dating a younger woman.

  1. Improved self-esteem. A young companion next to a mature man is a sign that he still “has it.” At least, this is how men perceive it. Next to such a girl, an older man feels younger, more active, and wealthier. In fact, he experiences the illusion of a second youth. As a result, these men begin to pay more attention to their appearance to match their young online brides. And it is always beneficial. Dating someone younger than you in 2021 is a certain indicator of prestige for an established man.
  2. For the birth of healthy offspring. If a man is mature and has no children, he may look for a young girl so that she can give birth to his child. Everyone understands that the younger a woman is, the healthier her offspring will be because, with age, the risk of complications also increases.
  3. An older man in a relationship with a young lady tries to convince himself that he still has his whole life ahead of him. Besides, he tries to charm his partner with his sexual experience. Moreover, the younger lady will be more relaxed in bed and, next to a self-confident man, will be more likely to agree to various erotic experiments.

Men prefer young women because everything is much easier with them, they do not have much life experience yet, and they have nothing to compare men with. They rejoice like children at any opportunity to see or try something new. Their genuine joy inspires and stimulates men: They feel young again, omnipotent, and desired.

Why do girls like older guys?

There are some attractive traits in older men for younger women:

  • Mature men have already reached the peak of their career, have a stable high income, and a respected position in society. These are people who are well-off financially and are ready to spend some of their finances on a partner.
  • From an evolutionary point of view, such a partner is more beneficial for creating a family and raising children.
  • A man who has reached maturity has a strong character. This means that the young woman feels more protected with him.

dating someone younger


Many couples with age differences maintain healthy and fulfilling relationships. Brought together with no ulterior motives or emotional problems in childhood, many of these couples are strong, stable, and able to withstand public censure.

How to attract younger women

A young girl will bring excitement into your life, saturate it with impressions and make you live again in a frantic rhythm. She is not spoiled by life, does not understand men well, does not have the burden of previous lovers and ex-husbands. For her, life is a game, and she learns it together with you. She is young, beautiful, and a little naive. If you are determined to win her heart, try to follow these rules:

  1. Do not invade her personal space. Be her friend and support all of her undertakings, whether they are right or not. If she decides to work as a volunteer, shave her head, wear men’s clothes, or get a tattoo on her left buttock, let her try — you cannot stop her. Express your opinion only if she asks you directly, but do not be categorical in your statements. In other cases, when you feel uncomfortable, you can provide your point of view in a veiled form, such as using hints or jokes.
  2. Be prepared for changes. She is young, and her priorities change more often than you shave. Be ready to accept her new ideas and thoughts, and help her grow. Encourage her to change, even if you know it is dangerous. She may not see you next to her in a year, and she may need another man. Regardless of who will be with her in the future, support her. Dating a younger woman has its pros and cons. Young girls change a lot, and you may realize that there is a completely different person next to you, but be ready for this and provide support.
  3. Be in charge. Young girls choose a guy who is older than them for a reason. They have less experience and want to learn about life from him. Any woman loves when a man takes the initiative into his hands, allowing her to relax and feel like he is a tower of strength to her.
  4. Act your age. You do not have to pretend to be a teenager to try to get the girl interested in you. The fact is that if she chose you as her partner, then she wants to communicate with you at the age at which you are now.

Love is a feeling that is not subject to circumstances, time, and age. No one looks at a birthdate before falling in love, the fire inside a person ignites instantly, but how long it will last depends exclusively on you.


We hope that we have helped you understand that there is nothing wrong with an older man dating a younger woman or any other age difference between the two people in a relationship. Society is changing, albeit gradually. And even if you have met people who are against this kind of relationship, it should not bother you in any way. If you are dating a younger woman and your feelings are mutual, forget about everything around you and enjoy your happiness. After all, life is not long enough to be wasted on loneliness or being with someone you are not sincerely in love with!

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