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Russian Women: Traits of Character & Merits Appreciated by Foreigners

Just as all the daughters of Eve have common features, there is something in common among girls of the same nationality. The mentality of society, the structure of everyday life, and other aspects of life in each country are different, and this is reflected in the behavior and character of women, as in appearance — the medley of races as a result of migrations and other historical factors. So, who is she — a truly Russian bride?

So What Are They — Beautiful Russian Women?

The Russian rod is heroic. Moreover, until the 20th century, the difficulties that fell to a lot of the people only tempered Russian brides. Cold winters and the need to help men in work and defense of their native places left an imprint not only on the character but also on the appearance of beautiful Russian brides. It also interfered with the Orthodox Church, which in Russia was heavily mixed with the remnants of paganism. All these amulets and rituals were the prerogative of single Russian women, which could not but interfere with the gene pool. This cocktail turned the pretty Russian woman into a calm, statuesque, confident housewife, and guardian of the home. Her beauty has nothing to do with passion, but rather it is clear spring waters, still cold and stormy, promising fertility and strength. The habit of being the support of her husband made a beautiful Russian woman reserved, but not meek, patient, but proud. She will not profess to have the dominant role in the family, but gradually still leads it. It is no wonder that hot Russian women are characterized by their curvey forms. Even physically — the desire to harmonize the surrounding space. To all this is added a gentle look, not drilling at point-blank range, but “shooting” from under the lashes. A sexy Russian woman is associated with light, having mostly light brown hair, and eyes — blue or gray, less often green.

Dating Russian Women: What You Need to Know

The notorious phrases like “Can get horses out of mud…” did not appear out of nowhere! True Russian women for marriage have traits that are not peculiar to any other people in the world. For example, Russian girls are reserved, flexible, and patient. Even statistics indicate this. For example, in Ukraine and Russia, the main cause of divorce is the husband’s alcohol abuse and financial problems in the family. At the same time, in Ukraine, 61% of the total number of marriages end in divorce, and in Russia — 53%. It is all because Russian women looking for love are willing to put up with these problems, and they forgive their partners a lot. If you are looking for such an understanding and patient wife, then our international dating site Brides4Love comes to the rescue. Here you can find an abundance of hot Russian brides in our catalog.

Dating a Russian Woman: What Else Is Striking About Sexy Russian Girls?

They are always ready for any cataclysm or zombie apocalypse. Every single Russian woman on the balcony or in the apartment has a place where she puts all the things that she considers useful. Their reserves will last for several months of a comfortable life. It includes salt, sugar, matches, soap, medicine, clothing, blankets, etc. For more modern single Russian ladies, this reserve applies to cosmetics and self-care products. This number of jars, as they have, will be enough for at least five more women! On our website, you will find many profiles of these thrifty Russian beauties who take very good care of their appearance.

Russian Women for Marriage: Excellent Gardeners and Housewives

Gardening and farming are common all over the world, but hot Russian brides made a real cult out of the garden. They plant flowers, a fragrant garden, and allocate huge plantations for potatoes. And they may not even live in this splendor! Nowhere else in the world is there a nation where a woman makes manicure, pedicure, depilation, wears it during a working week, and on weekends she will come to her summer cottage to dig the ground and plant potatoes. You can find lots of such well-groomed, beautiful, and housewifely Russian women to marry in our catalog!

Russian Brides: What Are They in Everyday Life?

Family dinners and feasting culture are spread all over the world. But only sexy Russian women prepare for the holiday in advance. They buy food in a week and begin to cook in 2-3 days. As a result, there is so much food that you can feed a company of friends and relatives. And no matter how much a woman suffers from the fact that she needs to cook all this stuff and she is tired, deep down she enjoys setting the table and demonstrating the abundance of her home. Dating Russian women means always being sure that you will get a warm dinner after work, that you will not have to cook for yourself, and that when friends or relatives suddenly arrive without notice, they will be full and satisfied. That is the kind of wife you can find on our website among the many profiles of single Russian women.

Foreigners Always Choose a Russian Woman

Marriages with foreigners are very popular amongst Russian women looking for love. And it is mutual. Western men even try to follow the rules for dating a Russian woman to win the heart of single Russian ladies! They note that sexy Russian girls give all their love and care in relationships. They put their heart into them and do not play with men’s feelings. Even if the marriage is made for convenience, the Russian bride will show no sign but will be a loyal, affectionate, and caring wife and support her husband. She is more altruistic than Western girls who think about their career, money, and other aspects of their comfortable life.

What It Could Be Like to Marry Russian Women?

They are not so afraid of risks, troubles, or problems. They are even not afraid of moving abroad. For them, life in another country seems better, so they persistently wait out their husband’s lack of work, salary problems, or temporary lack of funds. Men often note that Russian women do not cause scandals; also, they do not demand unnecessary attention, money, impressions, etc from men. The fact that they have conquered a foreigner’s heart is already enough for women. Therefore, mind-games are not their prerogative in such a relationship. Dating Russian women means to have a healthy relationship with a wise partner. Of course, not all hot Russian brides are born psychoanalysts, but many of them feel the mood of their chosen one and know how to smooth things over in a conflict. Accordingly, life with them is more peaceful and harmonious. A genuine Russian girl is versatile and interesting; her image is described in books, sung in poetry. She is a gorgeous woman, a faithful wife, a passionate mistress, a wonderful housewife, and a loving mother. What man doesn’t dream of a relationship with such a woman? But you are the one who gets the chance to be the lucky one and find a gem among the many profiles of single Russian ladies on our website! Don’t miss your chance to become a happy husband, confident in your family and future!

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