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Signs She's Flirting: Be Sure to Act Correctly

Have you recently met a woman you are interested in? Would you like to know if these feelings are reciprocal? It is not so easy to tell if a woman you are talking to is flirting. Is she flirting with me or just being friendly? That is a common question among men. Brides4love has prepared a guide that contains the main signs of flirting. Thus, the query “Is she into me or just friendly?” won’t bother you anymore, and you will be able to chat with brides online knowing for sure if you have any chances with one of them.

How to Tell if a Woman Is Interested or Just Being Friendly

Every man would like to know if the girl they are communicating with has feelings for him. First of all, women, especially those you have recently met, are not an open book to read. Considering every person’s particular specifics and traits of character, determining flirting or friendly attitude becomes complicated. The good news is that not only men but also women are not good at recognizing an interlocutor’s right feelings. This fact is confirmed by the results of the study conducted by psychologists from the University of Kansas. Here is what they have found out: Results of men: 36% of male survey participants managed to understand that ladies have tried to show their affection. And 84% have recognized that she's just being nice; there is no flirting or affection. Results of women: only 18% of women have correctly guessed that men were flirting with them. And almost the same number of ladies have been right to define that men weren’t into them during their conversations. As you can see, people tend to understand better the absence of flirting, while flirting or just friendly question in 2021 is open for the majority. Still, thanks to surveys and studies, it has become possible to define common signs of women’s flirting.

Signs That She Is Just Being Nice

Before diving into the signs of flirting, it is crucial to understand that one of the Asian or Russian women you have met in 2021 can just be friendly with you, and you should not make a move until you are entirely sure she is actually flirting.

1. She Smiles

Smiling is one of the ways to be polite with other people. Besides, many women have a positive attitude toward life. They are in a good mood; therefore, they smile often. To understand if she is being friendly or flirting, observe how often she is smiling and behaves with other people. If she acts like this even with a waiter and gas station employee, be sure it is not flirting.

2. She Replies to You Almost Immediately

If you are chatting with one of the Ukrainian women on a dating platform, and you have noticed that she is replying to you almost instantly, do not be in a hurry with conclusions. She may be working in front of her computer, and responding is just a gesture of courtesy.

3. She Is Ready to Help

Regardless of your communication channel, if your interlocutor has suggested her assistance, do not perceive this as a sign of affection. Many women, especially those from Slavic countries, are kind-hearted and cannot resist their desire to help others. She may be willing to help, not more.

How to Tell If She Is Flirting: 3 Main Signs

Does she like me, or is she just being nice? The question is still open. If you have noticed any of the above signs, it is better not to conclude that a woman has feelings for you. To be sure she is flirting, rely on more evident signs that are surefire proof of her affection.

1. She Tries to Touch (and Touches) You

A friendly (often accidental) gesture of touching your arm while sitting next to each other in the cinema is not an accident. Just think about yourself, when you like a girl, you seek physical contact with her. Women are alike. At first, it can be an accident; however, if they repeat this gesture, know that she is into you.

2. She Gives Compliments

If you are still wondering if she is just being nice, her compliments should assure you she is more than friendly. Think about this. The fact that she notices your virtues confirms that she thinks about you differently compared to other men. Besides, women rarely give compliments; thus, be sure she is attracted to you.

3. She Emphasizes She Is Free

Another 100% sign is that you know that a woman has no boyfriend or partner because she had said so. Besides, in conversations, you may even hear that she is sad about this fact, that she is not enjoying this situation.

 Is It Friendly Flirting or Serious Flirting?

So, you know that a woman has some feelings for you. However, do not be in a hurry to invite her over to your place. Sometimes, girls like someone, but they are not sure. Excess pressure may cause an uncomfortable feeling. Before you decide to take the next step, be sure you can tell if it is just flirting or serious interest. Here are some of the signs of the latter:

 1. She Shows Herself off by Accident

You are sitting in front of each other, and accidentally, you get a great view of her breasts, legs, or shoulders. Do not be too naive; women know how to dress correctly and attract men. The fact that the wardrobe she has chosen makes it possible to expose herself accidentally is a sign of affection, not even flirting.

 2. Open & Friendly Flirting

Probably, it is a bit controversial and confusing. However, there are situations when men for sure know what a girl is doing: She laughs a lot; She plays with her hair; She looks at you with interest and seductively; She sits in the most beneficial poses, etc. So, you clearly understand the intentions of a woman. “Was she flirting with me?” You are sure to know the right answer to this question. And the fact that she is flirting so openly, without any secrecy, proves that it is more than just liking. She is ready for the next step. H3: Other Serious Flirting Signs Women are future-oriented, and if you have been communicating with her for some time, she may be even considering you as her partner. She will behave in a way that will help you understand such intentions and feelings. Here are the signs to pay attention to:

  • She is interested in your life and job situations: The fact that she cares for you and your life cannot be just politeness. Girls are sympathetic, it is true; however, they have a genuine interest and care only for those who they perceive seriously in their lives.
  • She wants to spend a lot of time with you: Not only does she accept all of your invitations, but she also suggests your mutual pastime. Do you spend a lot of time together, chat, and call each other often? Well, the situation is quite apparent.
  • She jokes about sex: Usually, intimate topics are not raised by women and even not supported. If she is okay to talk about sex with you and even jokes about the subject, it is not just her openness. She has already thought about intimacy with you, and indeed, she wants it.
  • She hints at (and even openly tells) what she likes and dislikes: Aside from her desire to get to know you better, she lets you get to know her. In other words, she is looking forward to your common pastime in the future. And she wants you to know which flowers she wants to get on your anniversary, what color is her favorite, and which movie makes her really sad.

Final Thoughts

Relationships between the sexes have never been easy. Besides, men and women may perceive the same situation differently. Therefore, a lot of men are often left with the question, “Is she flirting?” In 2021, the first and most crucial sign is that a woman is communicating with you. Time is precious, and she will not waste it on a man she is not interested in. Of course, it is not enough to be sure of her affection; however, the guide from Brides4love is what will help you recognize her feelings and emotions for you. You may be surprised to find out that studies have shown men know that they are in love after three dates, and women understand this after the 14th date. So, do not be in a hurry to recognize her real feelings. She may not know about them yet. It is up to you to help her fall in love with you during these 14 dates, no matter how strange it may sound. More confidence and fewer doubts, and you will conquer her heart!

If you are wondering about the signs she's flirting with you, we recommend not focusing too much on it. If you really like the girl, do everything it takes to turn her from having a friendly attitude toward you to flirting and affection. There is always something a man can do to develop a relationship with a woman. Stop wondering and looking for answers to the questions of how to tell if she's flirting or being friendly. Become the creator of your happiness with her! Flirt and show your affection — initiative is always highly appreciated by women.

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