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The time for the first date has finally passed. The evening was simply amazing, the light tension at the beginning gave way to a relaxed atmosphere. It took a lot of time to prepare, but how to know if a first date went well? If it is someone you just met, it may be difficult to grasp non-verbal signs that can show their degree of satisfaction with the meeting. In order not to guess and wonder if you should even wait for the next date, it is better to analyze the signs your date went well.

What Is a Good First Date?

There are numerous signs of an ideal first date in 2021. If you are wondering whether the person liked you, you should know these signs and be able to analyze them. However, it is also important to remember that all people are different and some of the signs might not apply to a specific person. In that way, it is much better to have a notion about these signs in order to be able to apply them to various situations, especially if you date Russian women. This will help you better understand whether you had a good first date or not.

First of all, you should be satisfied with the date. If you felt awkward or don’t want to have another meeting, there is no need to even consider whether the other person liked you. Just don’t give up, and you’ll finally have a successful first date in 2021.

signs your date went well

How to Have a Good First Date

You met on the internet and are going to meet in person. Yes, this is a good chance to arrange a personal life! But how can you make a good impression and not make any mistakes? Here are some proven life hacks.

  1. Where to go

    The purpose of a first date is to learn more about each other in real life and make an impression. So, you need some kind of quiet place — not a club, concert, or movie theater where you can't talk. And, of course, you should not immediately invite them home to meet your parents.
  2. What to talk about

    It is best to prepare a few questions about what interests you, especially if you date girls online. Don't ask about a relationship with an ex — you can find out about that later. If you have common hobbies, this is a great topic to start with! Just do not turn the conversation into an interrogation, and do not ask questions that they can only answer with “yes” or “no.” If there is a tense pause in the conversation, imagine that it is not a new acquaintance sitting next to you but an old friend. Life stories are always a good idea.
  3. What to tell about yourself

    Conversations on the first date are sometimes bad because people don't know how much you can open up to a stranger. Psychologists say the following:

    - Someone who tells personal things about oneself (but not those for which one can be arrested or rejected) arouses more sympathy than someone who shares superficial facts from a biography.
    - If you like your partner, you will tell them more (and vice versa).
    - After a serious and honest conversation, you will like your partner more than before.

    With these points in mind, you can establish a strong emotional bond on the very first date.
    first date signs she is interested
  4. Can you be yourself?

    This is a tricky question. You definitely do not need to pretend to be a person you are not: a pilot or a neurosurgeon. However, if you are very closed off and grumpy in everyday life, it is better not to show off such qualities. Try to think and look positive. Even if there is no second date, you will leave a good impression of yourself.

And most importantly, smile! Anyone looks better when they smile. There is no need to stretch your face into a forced grin. Try to smile calmly and naturally.

Signs a First Date Went Well

It might be difficult to understand whether a first date was successful, especially if you haven’t had many dates before. Moreover, the first date is often different from others. Yes, you may have had a good conversation and even found common topics, but is the interest mutual? You might have numerous questions but no answers to them. Let’s have a look at some reliable signs to understand if your date was good.

bad first date signs

1. The date lasted longer than expected

This is quite simple — if you like something, you don’t want it to end. This is true of dates too. If a person had a good time with you and liked you, they would prefer to spend even more time together. Perhaps they offered to go for a walk after dinner rather than going home. If that happened, you definitely made a good impression on them.

2. You were equally involved in the conversation

Some people only talk about themselves, not letting anyone else enter the conversation. And perhaps you’ll meet someone like that. However, this is still better than sitting in front of a silent girl and waiting for her to say at least something. If your partner seemed bored and didn’t want to have a conversation, she was most likely thinking about ending the date as fast as possible. Therefore, if you were both engaged in the conversation, this is one of the most reliable signs that a first date went well.

3. You laughed at the same things

Sharing a similar sense of humor is a great way to become closer. If you laughed at the same jokes and had fun together, then you can be sure that the first date went well. Moreover, people often laugh at jokes told by people they like, so if a girl laughed at your funny stories, then she definitely liked you, and you can plan the second date.

4. You looked into each other's eyes

Looking into each other’s eyes is not only polite but also a sign of respect and interest of a person. It also tells us about sympathy. So, if you spent an evening looking into each other’s eyes, this is one of the first date signs that she is interested.

signs a first date went well

Signs of a Bad First Date

Of course, there is always a chance that a date went badly. Maybe it was not the best moment to meet or you are just too different. There might be numerous reasons, and you shouldn’t worry about it. However, sometimes it is not quite clear whether the date was good or bad, so let’s have a look at several bad first date signs.

1. She didn't look you in the eye

If a young woman does not look you in the eye and even avoids your gaze, it means that she is embarrassed by something. She doesn't want to get close to you. You can, of course, interpret this as embarrassment, but there are other possibilities. Think back to other details of your date to draw conclusions about why she was afraid to look you in the eye, especially when you date Ukrainian women.

2. She constantly looks at her phone

In the 21st century, a sure indicator of a good company is when you have completely captured a person's attention and she does not have the desire to glance at her phone for supposedly important matters. But for some, the phone becomes real salvation from a boring date. For example, a person may seem to be called urgently to work, and she immediately runs away from the restaurant. If your partner is actually saving lives, then she will probably find a way to apologize for the interrupted date and certainly will not disappear without a trace.

3. Awkward pauses

If you have nothing to talk about, then either you have nothing in common or you are not even interested in making a good impression. After all, on a first date, anything is possible: both stupid questions and polite avoidance of an unpleasant topic. But a formal interrogation, like in an interview, and formal answers in response, will definitely not create chemistry between you. If she likes you, you are unlikely to have to pull words out of her.

4. The date went too fast

For example, you had time to watch a movie in the cinema, but after that, she said that it was too late and immediately went home. On a two-hour date, you talked to her for half an hour at most. This date was clearly a burden for her, and only the plot of the film stopped her from leaving earlier. This is definitely not a good first date.

5. Only you talked

Of course, women can be silent. But if she doesn't even try to demonstrate an interest in the conversation, yawns, and gives monosyllabic answers to even your most emotional statements, then either she did not get enough sleep or does not know how to politely end the date. A good indicator that you've connected is if you laugh at the same jokes. It’s very sad if one of the partners makes a joke, and the other does not even smile.

In Conclusion

How to tell if a first date went well? There are a variety of signs, and it is sometimes impossible to apply some of them to your specific situation. Therefore, it is essential to analyze the situation and not just apply various factors to it. Spend more time communicating with the person before the date to be sure that it will be successful. Sometimes, there is no need to guess if your date enjoyed the first meeting. However, sometimes you may see mixed signals. If you are still not sure after learning about the signs, why not ask her directly? That way, instead of looking for signs or other criteria for how to tell if the first date went well, you will have a clear answer. There are two possible outcomes: Either you find out what you can do to improve the situation, or you know for sure that there is no chance and can avoid wasting your time on meaningless dates with her.

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