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Does She Want a Relationship? Signs to Understand Her Intentions

How to Understand that She Doesn’t Want a Relationship | Brides4Love comes to the rescue

The problem of relationships between people has never been as relevant as in the 21st century. The thing is that generations, outlooks on life, and other things change over time, and now it is not an easy task to understand what the girls have in mind. So what to do if you still cannot understand what is happening between you and your chosen one? How to figure out that a girl doesn’t want a relationship? And what does she want? Consider the signs that will help you figure it out.

At Brides4Love, we understand how difficult it might be if you think that she doesn't want a relationship when you do. So, we have decided to delve into this topic and have prepared a post based on information from relationship experts. Find out the signs she doesn't want a relationship, as well as what you can do to change the situation. After all, as a man, you can significantly influence the development of a relationship. Play it smart and don’t be too insistent, and you will notice how the behavior of the girl you like changes. So, let’s dive into the topic!

What does it mean when a girl says she doesn’t want a relationship?

First, let’s figure out why people don’t want a relationship. Perhaps the girl you like:

  • recently broke up with her boyfriend;
  • afraid that the new romance will end as badly as the previous one;
  • she doesn’t want a relationship right now;
  • decided to concentrate on her studies/work, and the relationship, in her opinion, will only hinder this;
  • she doesn’t want a relationship with men.


There is good news: none of these reasons (except perhaps the last one) is a 100% guarantee that it is impossible to have happily ever after with her because there is always a chance that she will change her mind.

Another scenario: the girl is ready for a romantic relationship, but not with you. When would it be a waste of time trying to build a serious relationship with her? Focus on one of the following signs she doesn’t want a relationship with you:

  • she almost always answers your messages in a few words;
  • refuses to meet over and over again;
  • she sometimes needs something from you (give a lift, take away, borrow, help, etc.).


If any of this is about you with her, then it seems that the girl either avoids you or considers you a good friend whom she can rely on, but, in both cases, doesn’t want intimacy. One way or another, if you are not ready for friendship with her, you should stop communicating and look for one that will reciprocate sympathy.

What are signs she doesn’t want a relationship?

The topic of relationships will never get old. And even after a thousand years, when humanity will establish colonies outside the solar system, guys will think about how to attract a girl and girls — how to attract guys. If you are wondering does she want a relationship or not — pay attention to the following signs.


She uses the word “friend” all the time

This is perhaps the most obvious of a woman’s subtle hints that she doesn’t want a relationship with you. More often, this is a polite substitute for “I’m not interested in you as a guy, so be content with your position as a friend.” This word is especially significant in those moments when a girl says something like: “You are such a good friend — I wish I had a boyfriend like you.” Don’t think that she is so stupid and doesn’t see an obvious solution to get rid of her loneliness. She realizes what she is saying and does it to establish a clear boundary between you and show: if it were not you, but with the same qualities, then he would have a chance.

She doesn’t introduce you to her friends

If you hear the phrase “We have a gathering with friends, so I’ll go, bye” or “I would have invited you, of course, but these are my friends — they don’t know you, and everyone will be embarrassed,” then most likely she doesn’t want to show you to her folk so that they don’t take you for her boyfriend.

There are exceptions: for example if you date girls online and feel mutual sympathy, but not yet at a serious enough level to get to know the nearest and dearest.

If we are talking about a long enough friendship, but the girl doesn’t want to introduce you to the rest of her friends, then this is one of the main indicators that she is not interested in you.


You are absent from her plans

If you don’t attract a girl as a man, then she will calmly talk about her plans for the future, ignoring the presence of you in them. For example, she wants to move to another city or country, but she doesn’t have thought about whether you want to go there or how you generally feel about it. Yes, she can ask you for advice about something, but she will not say: “Would you like to come with me?”

Girl says she doesn’t want a relationship because she is not ready

The most commonly used phrase is “I’m not ready for something serious right now.” Often this is supplemented by something like “It was only after the breakup” or “I got burned last time, and I don’t want to experience it again” and so on. It is a clear sign that you will not achieve mutual sympathy from this girl. In rare cases, such phrases are true, and the girl doesn’t lie about her previous relationship. But basically, it is a signal that you don’t interest her as a partner and a kind of lifeline in the form of false hope for a possible chance sometime in the future. But this means never in 99% of cases.

She avoids physical intimacy with you

A girl who has sympathy for a guy is unlikely to shy away from him, even if she is modest. But if she doesn’t look at you during a conversation, keeps aloof when you are around, and is generally cold, then this most likely means that she is not particularly pleased with your company or at least your touches, as well as a gaze. Especially indicative are the moments when a guy accidentally touches the girl’s hand, and she pulls it off as if she touched something unpleasant.

She doesn’t care how she looks in front of you

Any girl wants to look gorgeous, especially next to her boyfriend. But if she doesn’t try for you and perceives a meeting with you as with any other person, then this is one of the indicators that she is indifferent to you. A girl in love can stand in front of the mirror for hours, choosing an outfit and worrying that the guy will not like something in her. The girl who is indifferent to the guy will not spend a second of free time on it.

Girl says she doesn’t want a relationship: what to do

If you text with her actively, walk, go to the cinema and, in general, you feel good together, and you feel that she likes you but doesn’t want a relationship, then maybe the girl:

  • knows you not long enough (everyone has their own pace of contingence);
  • believes that your intentions towards her are not serious;
  • sees you have a flaw that she strongly dislikes (bad habits, lack of work, signs of possessiveness and jealousy, or something else);
  • feels sympathy for someone else, and you are a friend for her with whom she just feels very good.

Each of these reasons suggests that the girl hesitates — you have interested her, but not yet so much that she would fall into your arms without hesitation.

How to win her heart when a girl says she likes you but doesn’t want a relationship

They compose sad legends about guys who spend eternity in the friend zone, hoping for more and, as a result, receive an invitation to a wedding as a guest. But there are also a lot of stories about how a friend turns into a boyfriend one day. You only need to follow some simple guidelines.

Be next to her

If a lady is happy to communicate with you, this is a very good sign: she is interested in you. Show that you care about her too: show interest in the events in her life and hobbies. She will appreciate it, and sooner or later, she will begin to treat you with warmth. And then she can change her mind.

Try to win her over

The question “Does she want a relationship?” tears you apart? The friend zone is not for you? Then don’t act like a friend and openly confess your feelings. And also start courting her, pay compliments, show attention, commit romantic acts… Yes, modern ladies want equality, but this doesn’t mean that the initiative on the part of a man is no longer of interest to them.

Change tactics

Your sincere impulses crashed against the wall of indifference? They say that the less we love a woman, the more she likes us. When someone gets used to constant attention, the sudden cooling is at least hurtful. As a maximum, it will act as a catalyst, thanks to which this person wants not only to return everything as it was but to move to a new level of relationship.

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