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Define a Manipulative Woman Before You Get in a Trap

Society condemns manipulators, considering those who are being manipulated to be weak and defenseless. But in fact, the whole world is at the feet of those lucky ones who masterfully control the minds of other people. One way or another, the fittest survive.

Each of us manipulates to a greater or lesser extent, all people have it genetically, but female manipulations are much more elegant and professional than male ones, and there are reasons for that. Women and manipulation in 2021 are often inseparable. It doesn’t matter whether you date online or offline, you still can become a victim of manipulation.

Manipulative Women

Managing people without their consent is very difficult and not everyone can do it. Female manipulation must be very careful and balanced. It's like an intellectual game in which victory depends on your intelligence and self-control. The wiser the manipulator, the more men think that they are free from the influence. And it becomes really difficult to understand the signs of emotional manipulation in a relationship.

Initially, all the guys are confident that the girls will not be able to control them and they are sadly mistaken. You can even find statistics by countries where women manipulate more. For example, Russian women are in the top-5! By their nature, men are primitive, they are easy to deceive. And they don’t see the signs of a manipulative woman. In a poor hut or a luxurious mansion, female manipulation is the same. A wise lady knows how to get her way.

It is a mistake to believe that female manipulation brings happiness. Manipulation and blackmail is a dead end. Happiness is not about money and gifts. Do not exceed the maximum plan in the form of a good apartment, a car, and a trip to the sea. Not a hundred fans piled up at your feet. This is not the envy of friends. These are all just tools. You can have a lot of money, but not be able to enjoy it. Manipulative women are usually much more unhappy than they wish to seem.


What are the signs of a manipulative woman?

There are main types of manipulation that allow us to define the signs of the manipulative woman. Overall, they can be divided into several categories and each of them has its features. So, to see the signs your girlfriend is manipulating you, you should understand these types.

 manipulative women


Hunters for rich husbands. Diagnosis: self-realization dysfunction, representatives of this type live with a psychological disorder, which is formed by the mother in early childhood – such a woman can feel full only by selling herself profitably.

The main tactic is to present herself as a product that goes on sale once every millennium and which, like any exclusive, costs a hell of a lot of money. This is common for female manipulation in 2021 and it is quite simple to be recognized.


Women who “finish off” men who have been weakened by previous relationships. Wreckers cling to those who have just gone through a breakup and are in an emotionally unstable state. Diagnosis: dysfunction of the relationship with the mother – an oppressive mother who has formed a deep fear of intimacy and sadistic inclinations.

The main tactic is to use the man's desire to prove something to his “ex”, which turns into a short pseudo-romance with a wrecker, from which he comes out naked, barefoot, and finally crushed.


Women hunting for other people's husbands. Diagnosis: dysfunction of the relationship with the father, child sexuality, severely suppressed by the mother, jealousy of the mother, subconscious desire to take the place of the mother next to the father. The main tactic is to become everything that a man’s former marriage was lacking.

Man-stealers support that unconstructive part of the man's personality, which blames the spouse for all the problems of family life and does not want to accept its part of the responsibility.

More often than not, a man-stealer does not stay long in a marriage, as she quickly chooses a new victim for herself and switches to another candidate. For men who know how to look at problems in the family with open eyes and take on their part of the responsibility for them, man-stealers are not dangerous, since there is no basis for manipulation.


Women arranging a concentration camp out of a relationship. Diagnosis: an oppressive father who turned the girl's life into a structured nightmare. The main tactic is to impose obligations on a man from all sides and skillfully play on the feeling of guilt that arises in the event of a violation of any of the obligations.

This type of “bad girls” has mastered the skill of disguised humiliation and makes a man constantly earn points, the basis for manipulation is the desire to be a “good boy” in the eyes of his woman and the man’s inability to say “no”. This is most often a consequence of dysfunction in relations with the mother (maternal "soft" tyranny - when a mother suppresses her son not by force and aggression, but by depriving her love if he does not meet her expectations).


Most common ways women manipulate men

There are numerous manipulation tactics that women use in 2021. All kinds of TV programs and glossy magazines are full of advice on how women can manipulate men.

Asking for help

One of the most common women manipulation tactics is pretending to be weak and helpless, to appeal to a man’s masculine nature, strength, and physical superiority. Most men are proud to be men, and throughout their lives need confirmation of their strength and masculinity. Therefore, they readily lend their shoulder when a woman touchingly asks for help.

This help can be expressed both in specific cases, such as repairing a computer, a car or preparing data for a report, as well as in a way of life. A woman playing on her helplessness manages to encourage her chosen one to constantly take care of herself, to protect herself. On the one hand, she gives a man the opportunity to feel strong, to assert himself even in his own eyes, on the other hand, she leads a consumer lifestyle.

Pretending to be stupid

A naive creature, who looks into a man's mouth, disposes to himself, causing him a sense of superiority. “Oh, dear, you are so smart!”, “I would never have guessed!”, “Oh my, and how do you only know everything?!”

Often hiding behind the fact that she does not understand anything, a woman can get a man to do her job, etc. This is one of the most common ways women manipulate men.

This technique allows not only to use men but also to avoid any responsibility for their actions. An unhappy or confused look and she is saying: “I didn't think it was so serious”, “I didn't understand what exactly had to be done.” Well, what man would allow himself to reproach this charming creature, and even more so to demand something from him?

However, as practice shows, most of these women are well aware of what they are doing, and what this can mean for others. This is a typical female emotional manipulation and you should try to avoid it.

Comparing yourself to others

A man's desire to be the most successful and strongest allows a woman to manipulate him through comparison. “Jack bought a fur coat for his wife”, “Ann’s husband went for a raise, and you still can’t”, and so on.

Some men and women relationships are based on this type of manipulation. Perhaps, this is a good option for someone but still, you should be able to recognize it. Some men, of course, are influenced by this and make desperate attempts to be no worse than the example of a friend's husband or their childhood friend. Still, it is very important for a man to feel that he is the best for his chosen one. However, comparisons in favor of the others foster an inferiority complex in the man and make him feel like a failure. And losers are rarely able to achieve anything.


Tears are one of the most powerful female weapons. They are known to be very poorly tolerated. And many women take advantage of this. A crying woman looks defenseless, and a man, of course, wants to pity her, to console her.

But when a woman resorts to this technique too often, an addictive effect occurs. Over time, the tears of the chosen one will not only stop affecting a partner but even begin to irritate. And after that, this woman crying manipulation won’t influence a man in any way.

Turning a man down

Even though experts warn women about the inadmissibility of manipulating by sex, the number of lovers of such manipulations is not decreasing. Dissatisfied with the behavior of her husband, the wife denies him bed pleasures. Moreover, it can be both veiled - "I have a headache", and quite frankly - "you did not deserve it". Of course, the man will try to soothe her so that the girl will change her anger to mercy. It is not easy at all to deal with emotional manipulation.

The best way to deal with a manipulative person

First, never start a war against a woman's independence, you will always lose. Moreover, you allowed the woman to behave this way. It was only your choice to start dating her and now you need to deal with it. If you are still looking for a partner, choose a kind and smart girl like one of the Ukrainian women.

a manipulative woman

Second, remember that you are a man. Find your goal in life, set the right direction, and start moving. Always take responsibility for the decisions you make. Your behavior and appearance should be appropriate for an adult, not a pimply teenager. Overcome your fear. Form the right environment. Thirdly, when you feel free from female influence and women’s manipulation, start building the right relationship with your partner. You need to learn to make decisions, but at the same time not be a tyrant. Women have a well-developed instinct for self-preservation, so they lay down their arms in front of a strong man.

There are several effective methods of protection against explicit manipulation:

  • Ignoring. If you understand that a girl has begun to play a selfish game - listen, but do not take her words personally.
  • Change the subject of the conversation. After listening to her remark from the series "I want", say that you will come back to this conversation, and now you are thinking about the upcoming interview for a high-paying position. Such a prospect will reassure her.
  • If a girl is manipulating with hysterics, look her straight in the eyes, do not slouch, do not lower your head to your shoulders, and do not make a guilty face. Look calm and confident, it will cool her ardor.
  • Honestly say that you value her, but you will not fulfill all her whims. Strictly prohibit staging scenes in front of spectators, especially with close friends and relatives. Explain that you notice all her tricks, they upset you, and if she needs something, let her say so directly.
  • Learn to formulate your questions correctly. Ask so that the girl immediately answers what she wants. This will save you a lot of time and nerves.
  • Learn to refuse if her desire exceeds your capabilities. It should sound soft and decisive. Explain why you refuse. Don't say no too often, or you will look like a cheapskate.


Do not forget that you are a man, an adult, serious, and responsible. You will happily pamper your girl, but you will not allow yourself to be used. Trading love for gifts is the lowest kind of manipulation. Don't let your girlfriend do this, even under the threat of breaking up. And understanding manipulation is a possibility to get rid of it forever.

Understanding Manipulation

For the most part, manipulators grow out of those who were manipulated in childhood, who perceive sincerity and trust as a threat, who are afraid of losing their relationship and therefore seek to control their partner. A manipulative woman was, by all chances, badly treated in her own family.

To be able to resist manipulation, you need to learn to think critically, to take into account not words, but actions. And most importantly, you need to learn to firmly say "no" when you feel that you are in one way or another forced to act contrary to your interests.

Manipulation and Humiliation

Many people believe that manipulation is humiliating, and when we start understanding the signs of a manipulative woman, we can start feeling like this. Perhaps, you think so, too. And of course, no one wants to experience such an emotion – it is unpleasant, sad, and uncomfortable. We all want to believe that we are good enough to not be humiliated by manipulative women or other people.
However, it is also essential to understand that a person who knows everything about themselves and accepts it will not feel humiliated. They will just perceive the information or the deeds of other people and make a decision on how to act next. Most likely, such a person will cease the relationship after they see signs of a manipulative woman.

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