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Each nation has its own differences in customs, traditions, and mentality. Russian culture is characterized by openness, breadth of nature, and dreaminess. What you can learn from Americans is practicality, business prudence, and the ability to look on the bright side. When it comes to a comparison of American and Russian women in 2021, there are some essential aspects that need to be taken into account.

Russian and American Women: Why Compare Them?

Every woman is unique. And it is not her native country that determines her personality. However, still, the ambiance in which a lady grows up influences her values, character, and attitude toward the most essential aspects in life: family, career, and priorities in life.

Russian woman

In terms of a Russian vs American women comparison, one may wonder why it is necessary to do this in the first place? In the digital world we live in, boundaries are being eliminated thanks to technological innovations. Changing one’s country of residence, as well as making international acquaintances, is becoming commonplace. For men looking for their soulmates, understanding the most significant differences between Russian and American ladies matters a lot.

Russian Women: Specifics to Take into Consideration

The history of a country and the way the society developed throughout it contribute a lot to the way people live. This influences the role of a woman in this society. So, what are the peculiarities of a Russian woman in 2021?

  • Feminism and attitudes toward women: While the feminist movement is growing in Western countries, femininity is being actively cultivated in Russia. The idea of ​​a sensual woman living in harmony with her nature was somehow forgotten during the years of global industrialization and digitalization, but now the value of a woman who is full of energy and motivated to advance in life is becoming crucial. Not all men in Russia are ready to accept these changes, which leads to misunderstandings between genders. As a result, there has been an increase in the percentage of divorces, especially among young couples.
  • Education: During the Soviet era, women and men were relatively equal in Russia. Salaries were determined based on qualifications, not connections, gender, or other types of privilege. It was not the same during this time in the West. Therefore, women in Russia are well-educated, and many of them are successful entrepreneurs. They are independent, dynamic, and intelligent. Quite often, they occupy managerial positions, and there is no need for Russian ladies to fight for their rights based on gender biases.

Specifics of Russian women

American Women: Cultural Specifics to Be Aware of

Let us now talk about an American woman and some of the cultural aspects that form her worldview and attitude to essential spheres of life.

  • They grow up early: It may surprise many, but American teen movies are quite accurate. This includes the beginning of more adult relationships. In the US, girls at 16-17 years old stop playing with dolls and move on to more adult fun. In the United States, the general rule is not to judge anyone for their actions, as it is a free society and everyone may do what they want. The canons of feminism and liberalism are instilled in girls from birth, which is perhaps why girls do not hide their personal lives, even if they seem too young for their behavior.
  • They care less about their appearance: Again, the origins of feminism are to blame for the fact that American women do not care so much about their appearance — after all, people should accept them as they are (without makeup or their hair done). If, in the US, you see a stylishly dressed woman on the street, there is a high probability that she is from Russia.
  • The cult of vegetarianism: American women may become judgmental and even irritated when someone begins to eat meat in their presence. The cult of veganism and vegetarianism is so widespread that at every step here, you may find posters on this topic, and others are trying to impose this idea on all meat-eaters.

What you need to know about American women

Russian Women vs American Women: Main Differences

We have already explained some of the distinctions between Russian and American ladies. But for men who want to build their happiness, these specifics might not be of relevance. So, let’s proceed to the 2021 Russian women vs American women comparison.


In Russia, the first question that is asked when meeting a young girl is the question of marriage, the second is about children. From childhood, a female child is oriented toward creating a family as the basis of happiness. Often, several generations of family members of one of the spouses live in the same apartment: A grandmother, mother, and daughter may live with her husband and grandchildren.

For an American girl, the main thing is to get an education, start a career, and create an economic foundation for her future life. Therefore, they typically get married later. Moreover, in the US, it is less acceptable for adult children to live with their parents. The financial situation in these two countries probably contributes a lot to this difference. In Russia, young families quite often cannot afford to live separately.

Differences between Russian and American women

Attitude toward men

A Russian woman is looking for a protector who can be relied on in difficult times. He must provide for her and their future children financially, and she is willing to be a housewife and depend on a man. Hence, they expect gifts from their spouse, attention, and a willingness for sacrificial love.

American women are emancipated. They are used to relying only on themselves and building partnerships with their husbands, where their rights and obligations are defined in the marriage contract. A Russian woman will start a fight with her husband if he betrays her. If this happens in the US, a man will pay financially in accordance with the marriage contract. When traveling by bus or taxi, everyone pays for themselves. If a woman is not your girlfriend or wife and you are not on a date, she will pay for her own meal when having dinner at a restaurant with you. There is nothing personal, just business.

Relationship with relatives

In Russia, relatives may come and stay in the apartment of a family member for a long time, and women are expected to host them with warmth and care. In the US, this is less acceptable. Unless they are specifically invited to stay in your home, relatives generally expect to stay in a hotel when they come to visit. The respect for privacy and boundaries is the basis of relationships between people in the US, while in Russia, people are used to close relationships, even calling family members several times per day.

Additionally, the opinions of parents and close relatives are crucial for Russian women. They have been raised in a patriarchal society, which means that their fathers make the essential family decisions. And in some regard, Russian women expect their husbands to take the leading role in their lives. Hence, they often refuse to make decisions, instead agreeing to participate in discussions.

Resolution of conflicts

Russian women are not used to discussing family problems in court, while in the US it is common to resort to court decisions for all issues related to misbehavior of men (sexual harassment, insult, physical abuse), which monitors the observance of human rights and very often takes the side of women.

Priorities in life

As we have already stated, Russian ladies are brought up in a society in which getting married and giving birth to children is the most essential part of their lives. Quite often, they sacrifice their careers for the sake of their families. In recent years, this situation has changed, and more and more Russian women are following the example of Americans. They get an education, build their careers, and only after this, they get married and consider the possibility of having kids. American and European men who date Russian girls have already noticed this change.

However, it is also crucial to mention that having children and a traditional family is still important for Russian women. And they are ready to put in a lot of effort to not only develop their professional skills but also raise children and pay attention to their husbands.

Russian Personality vs American: Commonalities

We have already discussed in detail the differences between Russian and American women. But what do they have in common? First, it is their desire to be happy and feel confident in their future that moves them forward. Undeniably, regardless of the country of residence, every woman wants to meet a man and build a happy union with him. All of the differences mentioned above pale in comparison to that similarity.

Russian personality vs American comparison

Besides, the boundaries between countries are becoming less and less noticeable. People travel a lot and communicate with representatives of different countries. This will continue. In a few years, the Russian personality vs American comparison will be different, since the women from these two countries will have much more in common than they have now.

For a man trying to find his partner, it should not matter from which country his girlfriend-to-be is. You might want to compare Russian vs American women, but it is definitely not the typical traits of women from these countries that will define the future of the relationship. It is the woman’s unique personality that matters.

The most essential thing you need to decide is if you are ready to date a woman from a foreign country. Regardless of what you know or do not know about Russian women vs American women, remember that international dating means that you are going to date from a distance for at least some time. So, before deciding which of these traits matters most to you, determine if you are ready to maintain such a relationship. Answering this question will help you eliminate all the doubts you might have about the nationality of your future girlfriend.

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