Divorced Ruslana 41y.o. from Kyiv 56674

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5'4''-5'5'' (161-165 cm)


45 kg 99 lbs - 50 kg 110 lbs

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Light brown


I teach in the field of art





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Jumping has become for me not just a sporting hobby, but a real passion that fills my life with vivid impressions and the adrenaline of freedom. Skydiving is not just an extreme sport, it is a way to feel the wind of freedom, to feel how every moment is filled with intense emotions. Each jump becomes a unique adventure full of excitement and joy. My creativity extends far beyond the celestial expanses. I am a dreamer, and for me art is the language in which I tell my stories. Reading, drawing and sewing are my ways to express my inner world and share my fantasies with others. My interests also lead me to the cultural treasures of the world. For me, visiting exhibitions, museums and theaters is like immersing myself in other times and dimensions. I enjoy exquisite art that reflects diverse cultures and inspires me to new creative endeavors. Travel is another passion that enlivens my life. Seeing the beauty of different parts of the world, immersing yourself in different cultures and meeting different people is my special feeling of freedom that I find in every new adventure. This is me - a creative, gentle, dreamy person who enjoys every moment of life and strives to share my passions with the whole world.

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from 45 to 79 years old

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Serious relationship, family, marriage


Greetings, I am the champion of passion and warmth! Yes, yes, it's about me! Here I am, Ruslana, forty-one years old, and I prove that passion is not only the privilege of the young. I bet I'm only getting hotter as I get older! There is no place for boring moments in my life. I'm like red wine, getting better with time. Reading famous works, holding a brush in my hands, creating my own masterpieces - all this is like a fire in my soul. And my work in the field of art is not just a profession, it is a passion that I am ready to give to the world. My body is a temple that I carefully take care of, fulfilling every whim. Yes, I do jumping, and every jump is not just an exercise, it is a celebration of freedom and passion. And here are the culinary masterpieces! I cook with love, and every corner of my kitchen is filled with the aroma of passion. Let's cook something magical together? So, are you ready to travel through the world of feelings, inspiration and fire? If you value not only youth in a woman, but also a hot spirit, let’s begin our exciting adventure. Remember that passion is not just a word, but a spark that can ignite at any age. Warm hugs and fiery kisses. Maybe we can find our passion on this dating site? Welcome to my page! I love to read and immerse myself in the exciting world of books. Drawing is not only a hobby for me, but also a way to express my feelings and inspiration. Sewing is another hobby of mine; creating something unique with your own hands is a real pleasure. On this dating site I am looking for a relationship with a man who shares my love for art, cultural events and travel. A future partner may want to walk with me in the art world and also share a passion for travel. In my free time I prefer active recreation and do jumping, I love sports and lead an active lifestyle. In addition, I am a real gourmet and love to cook a variety of dishes. I can promise that your taste buds will be delighted! If you share my passion for art, adventure, active living and good food, let's create your own unique story. I'm waiting for your messages!



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Greetings, real man! With great excitement I begin our first communication, because it is you I am looking for a real man. Yes, Im not looking for an ideal, Im not looking for a list of certain qualities, but the main thing is that you be real, with your own character, life philosophy and special charm. What does it mean to me to be a real man? This is not just appearance or mastery of the world, but, above all, inner strength, honesty and openness to life. You can be strong and at the same time sensual, be able to take responsibility, but not lose warmth and kindness in a relationship. It is important for me that you be a source of inspiration and support, so that together we build our world, filled with mutual understanding and respect. You can be passionate and romantic, and most importantly, be yourself. Together we will create a story full of laughter, joy and exciting moments. If you're ready for an adventure where every day is a new step forward, where individuality and diversity are valued and respected, then let's start our exciting journey by dating on this dating site? Let's raise the sails and go into the world of real feelings? Waiting for an answer