Divorced Elena 37y.o. from Kyiv 25243

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5'4''-5'5'' (161-165 cm)


45 kg 99 lbs - 50 kg 110 lbs

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Stylist, interpreter, hairdresser





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Active life, hydrocycles, all touch water, art, ancient art, exitoc nature, to pain, psychology, astrology, music. BTW, I am meloman, also like parachuting, helicopters, all what rise level of adrenalin. Like massage, like to drive, ride but as a passanger.

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from 30 to 65 years old

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WANT TO MARRY, READY TO MOVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY!!!Shakespeare told ones: “I feel myself being happy. Do you want to know why? Because I never expect anything from life. Because to wait and except all the time painful. We all the time will meet people who do not care about us. Even if they told us that we are important for them. It is important to be strong. Because after each fall and darkness, good things come in your life. Not exist bad things. Be happy all the time and do laugh. Listen before to say anything. Think before to write anything. Listen before to answer. Beautiful relations are relations with not ideal person, but with person with whom you learn to live. Accept people with their mistakes, or will regret about their loss all in all, which will make you great pain. If you want to be happy – live happy. Pay attention to good people around you because you are one of them. Remember, when you expect something the less will appear someone who will make your life more beautiful. Never ruin your personality for people who are only with you for some time. Strong person try to keep its life all right. Even with tears on its eyes, this person stand up and talk with smile on its face – I am all right.”I am everything a man can ever search for in a woman. I am 100% woman, from my toe tips to top of my head. Very loving, caring, passionate, good in bed, and believing that passion is that attitude one needs the most in life. Does not matter for what. For everything! I am never bored or boring, but often naughty... In the best way it can be! You will like that! I know that I can let a man to feel himself on the cloud, my knight and my warrior, the happiest one in the world. I know what I want. But only for me only one special and amazing man who worthy to be the most happy in the world.I want to have that kind of love, which never leaves your thoughts, that makes you want to be with me all the time, to think about our days and night... I want you to think about my long straight hair covering my breasts and to be looking forward to touch it and to gently put it aside...When you love, it feels great to kiss any part of your lover's body, to softly taste those lips and to miss them when you are apart. Don't you say love does not happen or does not exist? It does. I can prove that to you. With me your life is going to get other colors, brighter and various and you will finally realize that till you met me, you never loved!I am a classy thing. I always take care of myself, and know what I am worth of. I would never be with someone who does not make my heart beating faster. I will never be with someone who lies, or does not keep his word. Such things are way too important to me.I deserve the best dear. You do too.But we can match or not, let's be realistic. And be honest.If you feel like able to give your heart to me, say hello! If you are not sure you can trust and not sure you can love again, move to another page.


I am active and fit person, well I think my body tells about it? Now, get ready, something unusual! I love riding ATVs, motorbikes and once even rode a Harley-Davidson! How do you like that? I know that it is not too feminine, but I swear I looked super duper sexy on that Harley!I love everything connected with water activities, boating, sailing, sea... Once I sailed a yacht, that is my incredible unforgettable memory... I was feeling like goddess.I love history, ancient culture, exotic nature (dream to get to Jungles once!), try different cousins, cooking.I love dancing and gymnastic shows, well that is because I have passion for dancing!I love music as well - any, R&B, jazz, lounge, classic, sometimes opera.I love everything which adds adrenaline into my blood, high speeds, flights... I would love to drive a helicopter one day! Dreams, dreams!I am good at giving massage but even better at receiving! :)So if you need someone to practice your massage skills, don’t hesitate to contact me. LOL

Her Type of Man

I look for a man who knows that he can make a woman's life better, not worse. Who is caring, loving and responsible and does not look for a bird to jail her in golden cage. Money is paper. To me it is just a tool to manipulate people, so I am not targeting to find someone rich and no matter what kind of person he is. You can be a poor street artist, but if your heart has love and tenderness to share, if you love life and open minded, if you believe in pure feelings, I am here for you. For the rest we will earn together.


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